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Improving Anticoagulation Therapy Services

Monday 18 May 2015
Hallam Conference Centre, London

Improving Anticoagulation Therapy Services

This event has now past, but there may well be news on the event including presentations and quotes from the day at our News pages here, a full list of our forthcoming events is available here.

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This conference will provide a practical guide to improving anticoagulation therapy services with a focus on improving Quality, patient safety, and an update on new oral anticoagulants. 

The conference will open with a presentation on demonstrating effectiveness, quality and patient safety – measuring and monitoring the quality of your anticoagulation service. The event will continue with a focus on self monitoring and empowering patients following the September 2014 recommendation from NICE on self monitoring which stated that ““The evidence shows that greater use of self-monitoring offers clinical and patient benefit and, over time, is likely to result in reductions in heart attacks and strokes caused by blood clots…People on long-term anticoagulation need to monitor their blood regularly to make sure they are taking the right dose of their drug. Apart from the anxiety associated with waiting for the results from an anticoagulation test and in continuing normal daily activities without knowing the risk of a bleed or clot, the time and cost of attending an anticoagulation clinic can be a significant burden for people on long-term oral anticoagulation therapy and can significantly affect both their working and family life. Because self-monitoring provides almost instant results, self-monitoring can reduce anxiety, provide a sense of control for the patient and remove the need to frequently attend clinics or hospitals. The Committee also heard that self-monitoring allows people to visit, or act as a carer for, other family members, without having to worry about attending testing appointments.” Professor Carole Longson, NICE Health Technology Evaluation Centre Director, September 2014 

100% of the delegates at our last anticoagulation therapy conference would recommend the event to a colleague.

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