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CPD Certification Service

CPD Certification Service MemberHC-UK Conferences is a member of The CPD Certification Service, and all our events are CPD certified, demonstrating our commitment to deliver high quality training and adhere to a code of best practice.  Our events are also endorsed by the Institute of Healthcare Management and the Good Governance Institute, and where appropriated accredited by the Royal College of Physicians.


Members of The CPD Certification Service are encouraged to adopt and develop best practice principles espoused in this voluntary Code of Practice in ways which meet their own needs and those of their clients (CPD / training recipients).

By focusing on establishing a client’s CPD / training needs and by contributing to a better understanding of the link between CPD / training and company success, Member’s of The CPD Certification Service are reinforcing the business case for CPD / training at appropriate levels.

This proactive link with best practice will have long term benefits for the CPD / training community.

Accessing the CPD / training
Clients should be in a position of being able to obtain the CPD / training services and advice they require in order to meet their business objectives.
Members of The CPD Certification Service should ensure that: Information on CPD / training is provided in a precise and understandable format
Information on CPD / training provided includes, as appropriate:

  • specification of learning outcomes
  • specification of target audience and level (e.g. introductory, intermediate, advanced)
  • maximum number of participants
  • business improvements to be expected
  • how to gain further information (with a contact name wherever possible)
  • a clear indication of the total cost of the CPD / training

CPD / training services can be matched to the needs of the client Clients should be invited to identify their needs and should be satisfied that the CPD /training will meet those needs (where appropriate, involving the person who is delivering the CPD / training

CPD / training services to be delivered. Clients must be given confidence that the CPD / training provider can deliver. If the provider is not able to meet the client’s ‘brief’ the request / commission should be passed on to a provider better placed to meet the client’s requirements. See overleaf

Ability to deliver
Members of The CPD Certification Service must be able to demonstrate the capacity to deliver CPD / training with appropriately qualified staff who are conversant with current trends, solutions and needs of the industry

The CPD / training provider should be able to demonstrate:

  • that they only supply appropriately qualified and experienced staff or associates
  • that they have a commitment to the continuous development of their staff
  • a proven track record of reliability of delivery with the team/s they use
  • that they can respond to emerging needs during a CPD / training programme
  • that the equipment and where appropriate, the accommodation, used matches the clients needs and expectations

Quality assurance
Members of The CPD Certification Service must ensure that their training provision is of the highest possible quality and meets the client’s specified objectives

The CPD / training provider should have procedures in place to ensure that:

  • where appropriate, clients have the opportunity to be involved during the development of the CPD / training package
  • all training packages / material meet consistent, high standards of presentation
  • client feedback is obtained to check that the CPD / training provision: meet the specified objectives delivered the expected outcomes was delivered in a appropriate and effective manner
  • a mechanism is in place to respond to client feedback

Maintaining high quality
Members of The CPD Certification service who commit themselves to upholding this Code of Practice, are expected to be seen to have the means and the intention to maintain and improve on the high quality service they provide.
The CPD / training provider should maintain high quality by:

  • providing regular information on client feedback to the CPD Certification Service
  • the regular updating of CPD / training material to embrace new thinking, taking account of changing needs and incorporating feedback from clients

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