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Implementing Criteria to Assist Patient Discharge from Hospital

Monday 4 December 2017
De Vere West One Conference Centre, London

Implementing Criteria to Assist Patient Discharge from Hospital
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“This government is clear that no-one should stay in a hospital bed longer than necessary: it removes people’s dignity; reduces their quality of life; leads to poorer health and care outcomes for people; and is more expensive for the taxpayer.” Secretary of State for Health July 2017

The masterclass offers a practical guide to setting up and implementing Criteria led discharge. The use of Criteria in the process of patient discharge will be debated to dispel the common myth that this approach is restricted to Nurses doing what was traditionally Doctor’s work. The stand point adopted is that Criteria can be developed to assist patient discharge from hospital and implemented at multiple points in the discharge process to reduce length of patient stay, improve quality of care and does not compromise patient safety. 

There is evidence to suggest that using Criteria in some aspects of the discharge process may improve patient flow.  In this masterclass the evidence will be presented. The concept of using Criteria led Discharge is not new. This masterclass places Criteria Led Discharge in the context of current health and social care changes and encourages participants to analyse their service needs.

The NICE guideline (NG: 27, 2015) recommended the use of Protocols to improve transitions between care settings. The Parliamentary Ombudsman’s Report (2016) emphasized areas of patient discharge requiring improvement. Finally, the Queens Nursing Institute (2016) conducted research focused on delays in patient discharge, culminating in recommendations for ‘best’ practice in transitions of care leading to effective discharge planning. Each piece of work is interconnected through one commonality, namely, a desire to improve the process of discharge. A pragmatic, interactive approach will be accommodated enabling the key steps to be discussed and useful tools to be shared.

This masterclass will appeal to Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and other professionals responsible for the discharge of patients.

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