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Improving End of Life Care

Wednesday 20 May 2015
Colmore Gate Conference Centre, Birmingham

Improving End of Life Care

This event has now past, but there may well be news on the event including presentations and quotes from the day at our News pages here, a full list of our forthcoming events is available here.

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“Actions for End of Life Care: 2014-16 – sets out NHS England’s commitments for adults and children. It is one component of a wider ambition to develop a vision for end of life care beyond 2015. This can only be achieved in partnership with all those in health and social care. We now need to ensure that living and dying well is the focus of end of life care, wherever it occurs. This is the challenge: together we can and must achieve it… The End of Life Care Strategy needs to be revisited and refreshed so that national actions align with both the current needs of the population and arrangements in the health and social care system following the Health and Social Care Act 2012. But improving end of life care involves a wide range of people and organisations, across the health and social care, professional and public, and statutory and voluntary, spectrum. Over the next year, we will work with colleagues and individuals across that spectrum to develop an ambitious five year plan for end of life care beyond 2015.”
Bee Wee, National Clinical Director for End of Life Care, NHS England 11 November 2014

NHS England has recently published a new document setting out its ambitions for end of life care for adults and children in the coming years. Actions for end of Life Care 2014-16 presents a framework based on the House of Care model with four interdependent components:

  1. Engaged, informed individuals and carers – through providing information and seeking feedback and engagement from them.
  2. Health and care professionals committed to partnership working – through developing capability and communities of practice.
  3. Organisational and supporting processes – through maintaining a focus on developing and refining processes that improve consistent, coordinated care.
  4. Commissioning – through development of resources and commissioning approaches which incrementally improves end of life care.

This conference focuses on improving end of life care and delivering the ambitions of this forward looking strategy at a local level. 

We will also be running the conference on

Wednesday 23 September, ICO Conference Centre, London

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