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Improving Patient Flow Masterclass

Monday 13 November 2017
De Vere West One Conference Centre, London

Improving Patient Flow Masterclass
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This one day masterclass will provide you with a practical ‘hands-on’ introduction to diagnosing the cause of long waits for patients, over-crowded waiting rooms and car parks. You will learn to redesign your clinic to eliminate the delays and stress for patients and staff at no additional cost!

The day will provide you with a practical introduction to improvement science with a focus on designing healthcare system to improve the flow and productivity (yield x efficiency) of services. This programme addresses the Productivity Challenge and we discover that all that is required is pens, paper and some new skills!

As part of the masterclass you will also have free access to the Foundations in Improvement Science in Healthcare course and a learning manual, the improvement science Blog, and the on-line journal of improvement science. 

Key learning objectives 

  • Mapping OP clinics
  • Measuring processes
  • Modelling the to diagnose the constraint and cause of long-waiting times in clinics (DLCA Demand, Load, flow Capacity Analysis) and Modelling flow to eliminate the constraint: Gantt charts
  • Modifying the clinic 
  • Monitoring the clinic to ensure the expected improvements are delivered
  • Maintaining the improved performance
Good Governance Institute
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