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Eliminating Avoidable Pressure Ulcers

Thursday 2 July 2015
ICO Conference Centre, London

Eliminating Avoidable Pressure Ulcers

This event has now past, but there may well be news on the event including presentations and quotes from the day at our News pages here, a full list of our forthcoming events is available here.

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“700,000 are affected by Pressure Ulcers each year”
“Each Pressure Ulcer adds £4000 to the costs of care”
“186,617 people developed a Pressure Ulcer in hospital each year”
“Research shows between 80% and 95% are avoidable”

“We are starting to see a plateau and we are still seeing large variation between organisations”  Suzanne Banks, Professional Advisor, NHS England, February 2015

“The issue is pressure ulcers and the impact of them on patients, families, carers, staff and organisations is huge. The lifestyle of aperson who has suffered a pressure ulcer is changed forever, their ability to lead a pain-free, risk-free life in the future, affected.”  Dr Ruth May NHS England, 10th December 2014

This conference focuses on a practical guide to eliminating avoidable pressure ulcers, implementing the national stop the pressure campaign and implementing NEW NICE Quality Standard for Pressure Ulcers which was published in June 2015.

“A review of death and severe harm incidents reported to the National Reporting and Learning System found in 2011/2012 that pressure ulcers were the largest proportion of patient safety incidents accounting for 19% of all reports.  The quality standard is expected to contribute to improvements in the following outcomes: Incidence of pressure ulcers; Proportion of patients with category 2, 3 and 4 pressure ulcers; Patient experience; Service user experience; Health related quality of life; Length of hospital stay; Discharge destination such as patients home or care home.” NICE Draft Quality Standard on Pressure Ulcers December 2014 

The conference will begin with an update from NHS England and will discuss the stop the pressure campaign and path details and Pressure Ulcers and the 6C’s and continue with a consideration of the New Quality Standard for pressure ulcers from NICE looking forward to implementation.

“Avoidable pressure ulcers are a key indicator of the quality of nursing care. Preventing them happening will improve all care for vulnerable patients. The ‘Stop the Pressure’ campaign was launched by NHS Midlands and East as part of their ambition to make life better for patients.” Stop the Pressure 2014

The conference will continue with practical case studies in reducing pressure ulcers, implementing stop the pressure and in depth extended sessions focusing on pressure ulcer grading and reporting including unstageable pressure ulcers, and developing your skills in root cause analysis and investigation. There will be an evidence update session looking at the latest evidence on risk assessment, factors associated with severe pressure ulcers and pain as an indicator of pressure ulcer development. The event will also look at this issue of avoidability and discuss the latest consensus on what is actually considered unavoidable. There will also be a focus on the important issue of eliminating pressure ulcers in the community.

“NHS commissioners are being urged to ensure that pressure ulcer prevention is hard-wired into commissioning agreements with providers. This call to action is part of the ‘Stop the Pressure’ campaign, originally launched by NHS Midlands and East and now being spread nationally by NHS England, NHS Improving Quality and Haelo. They have joined forces with other partners to support a 50 per cent reduction in pressure ulcer prevalence... Preventing avoidable pressure ulcers will help improve care for vulnerable patients, and could achieve considerable cost savings.” NHS England 2014

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