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Hip Fracture Summit 2018

Monday 17 September 2018
De Vere West One Conference Centre, London

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The sixth National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD) report reveals today that over 64,000 hip fracture injuries take place each year. This leads to the occupation of over 4,000 inpatient beds at any one time across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, which equates to 1 in 40 of all NHS beds. Hip fracture is an ideal marker of the quality of care given to frail and older patients in the NHS. The care of hip fracture patients is complex, involving a wide range of specialists, clinical teams, healthcare departments and agencies. The NHFD report aims to improve efficiency of care after hip fracture, to prevent second fracture and, overall, to improve early intervention to restore patients' independence.Hip fracture patients face a significant risk of dying or of losing their independence, and their recovery is dependent on how well hospital and community services work together. The NHFD report details variation in practice around the UK, supporting the development of the best way to care for the frail and older patients who experience hip fracture injuries.” National Hip Fracture Database Audit, September 2015

"Hip fracture is a major cause of death and disability in older people who fall. Our results show a gradual overall improvement in the quality of care offered, but some hospitals have a deteriorating service, while others have failed to make significant progress. From the recommendations of the report, I encourage local hospitals and their commissioners to find ways to improve these services." Mr Rob Wakeman, NHFD clinical lead, orthopaedic surgery, September 2015

This important and timely conference will focus on improving care for hip fracture patients – learning from the 2017 NHFD findings and improving progress against the NICE quality standard for hip fracture.  Through national updates and practical cases studies the conference will highlight best practice in hip fracture care, improving the care pathway and outcomes. The conference will also feature an extended session on improving hip fracture care beyond the acute hospital – delivering early supported discharge, improving care across the hip fracture super-spell, secondary prevention, and improving follow up. 

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