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Hip Replacement as a Day Case: Reducing Length of Stay & Improving Outcomes

News and updates for today's conference

Optimising your Day Case Pathway
Dr Mary Stocker,
Consultant Anaesthetist & Director of Day Surgery, South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, President, The British Association of Day Surgery 

Pre-event abstract
As day stay becomes the main pathway for elective and an increasing amount of non-elective surgery it is increasingly important to have robust pathways that leave nothing to change.  In this lecture we will identify the important components of a day surgery pathway from GP appointment to post-operative follow-up and audit. In particular I will emphasise the importance of the following:

  • Day Surgery Definition: planned surgery/intended management of day surgery/admission, surgery and discharge on the same calendar day
  • 23hr surgery is not day surgery
  • Importance of planned pathway for day surgery with everyone in the pathway having day surgery expertise
  • Importance of good patient preparation for day surgery
  • Realisation that the majority of patients are appropriate to be managed via a day surgery pathway (if they are not they should probably not be having elective surgery but should be optimised until fit for surgery and then managed via a day case pathway
  • Importance of dedicated facilities and staff expertise within day surgery
  • Importance of high quality equipment within the day surgery environment

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Undertaking your first Day Case, Hip Replacement: Our Story
Mr Hiren Divecha
, Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Foundation Trust  

Pre-event Abstract
Successfully undertaking your first day case THR can be a daunting process. The concept of day case arthroplasty represents a significant paradigm shift in attitudes to how we safely deliver joint replacement surgery. Whilst a well-defined perioperative pathway is essential, our early experience so far highlights the following points that we believe are crucial to successful day case THR surgery:

  • Teamwork! – a multidisciplinary team that are invested in the concept
  • Patient selection – strongly motivated patients are going to make this work!
  • Patient education – focussed patient preparation supported by specific Patient Information Leaflets and Preoperative Joint School sessions
  • Reinforce at every opportunity
  • Perioperative pathway – focussed on achieving safe, early mobilisation
  • A “safety net” – clear patient support mechanisms in place that are easily accessible if needed

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Day Case Hip & Knee Replacement: Critical success factors
Mr Paul Partington
, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Northumbria Trust for 21 years, specialising in hip and knee replacement surgery. Trust Arthroplasty Lead up to 2018 in a unit performing 3000 primary hip and knee replacements per year. Now Day Case Joint Replacement lead for Northumbria Trust.
Performed the first known day-case hip replacement in the UK in 2015.
Intercollegiate Speciality Board Examiner, and former Training Programme Director and member of the SAC.

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