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A Practical Guide to Tackling Bullying in the NHS

Addressing the Culture of Bullying in the NHS
Chairman Dr Umesh Prabhu,
Consultant Paediatrician, Medical Director for more than 15 years, Medical Adviser for International Recruitment
Pre event abstract
Good leadership is all about inspiring, motiving, guiding, helping and supporting staff to do their best for their patients. In Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh FT, the Trust transformed culture of pace setting/bullying to a culture of staff engagement, patient safety centred culture and appointed many value based leaders and managers. The Trust made staff and patient engagement is the way we do things and implemented robust governance and accountability to all. This resulted in huge transformation of the Trust. 
Between 2008 to 2016, the Trust reduced harm to patients by 90%, won 45 awards and in 2014 voted as the best Trust and received patient safety awards. In 2011 staff feedback survey the Trust was bottom 20% and by 2016 the Trust was the third best Trust to work in the country. This transformation was done by hard working sincere staff of the Trust and everyone working together for a common purpose and that is our patients.
In my presentation, I will talk about what is leadership, what makes someone a good medical leader or Clinical Director. I will also present some of the common challenges and how to transform the culture and roles and responsibilities of CD and how to inspire, motivate staff to do their best. I will also discuss dealing with difficult colleagues and developing own resilience and support mechanism for CDs.

Tackling Bullying in the NHS
Jim Mackey
, Chief Executive, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust, Former Chief Executive, NHS Improvement
Jim Mackey returned to his substantive role as Chief Executive of the Trust in November 2017, a post he previously held for ten years.  He was welcomed back after completing a two year secondment in a national role as Chief Executive of the NHS Improvement.Jim successfully oversaw the creation of NHS Improvement, an organisation that brought together the Regulators Monitor and the Trust Development Authority.  Responsible for overseeing NHS Trusts, NHS Improvement supports providers to ensure patients are given consistently safe, high quality compassionate care within local health systems that are financially sustainable.Previous to his time at Northumbria Healthcare, Jim held a number of senior roles with the NHS, the Regional Office of the Department of Health in Northern and Yorkshire and, prior to that, worked in Local Government.

What is bullying and how can we measure it in practice?
Professor Jan Illing,
Professor of Medical Education Research, Newcastle University
Jan Illing is a Professor of Medical Education Research in the School of Medical Education at Newcastle University, where she leads a team of researchers who conduct research across a range of medical education themes including: learning in the community, medical transitions, professionalism, assessment and more recently exploring how education and training can lead to patient benefit. 

Professor Illing commented:

"The individual, the team and the organisation

It’s not just looking at outcomes, it’s what made the outcomes work.

Leadership is key, that passion is key

Leadership that’s compassionate and caring is key

What is bullying? It refers to a range of different behaviours

If we don’t measure we don’t know where we are

Defining working place bullying -  persistence, duration and power imbalance"

Pre event abstract
Workplace bullying in the healthcare setting is an international problem.  Workplace bullying is found to be higher in hierarchical organisations and those with certain types of leadership style; particularly autocratic and Lasse faire.  Bullying also seems to increase when organisations are under pressure.  Dealing with the problem starts with agreeing on what bullying is and at what point a behaviour has crossed the threshold and become a bullying issue.  Jan will talk about the problems of defining workplace bullying and the issue of subjectivity.  She will present direct and indirect measures of bullying and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each. 
Full powerpoint presentation

Working with and supporting health professionals who have been bullied
Jane Marshall,
Consultant Psychatrist, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, Clinician, NHS Practitioner Health Programme
Consultant Psychiatrist and Visiting Senior Lecturer in the Addictions at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) and the National Addiction Centre, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, Kings College London. Jane works in NHS complex care addiction services and has a special interest in addicted healthcare professionals. She is based at SLaM and at the NHS Practitioner Health Programme (PHP), a dedicated London-based service for doctors and dentists with mental health and addiction problems. She is a Consultant Advisor to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA); a Medical Supervisor and Examiner for the General Medical Council and a medical member of the DVLA Medical Advisory Panel for alcohol, drugs, substance misuse and driving. 

Jane comments: "Examples of bullying - Rumour mill, unfair treatment, picking on / undermining, denying training or promotion ops.
Why people don't seek help? Fear reprisals, fear of speaking up, the perpertrator is in a powerful position
The conseuences of bullying include - stress, sleep disturbance, burnout, major depression
People get medical conseuences too - including cardiovascular problem, poor sleep, acute pain (headaches)
People often leave thier jobs."

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