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Adult Safeguarding Investigations and Safeguarding Adults Reviews: news & slides from today"s conference

Adult Safeguarding Investigations and Safeguarding Adults Reviews: Implications of the Care Act 2014

Claire Crawley Senior Policy Manager, Adult Safeguarding Department of Health opened the conference by looking at:

• the implications of the Care Act 2014 for adult safeguarding investigations and reviews
• the revised regulations and guidance: what has changed
• what the Act means in practice and what should be in place by April 2015
• ensuring the adult is supported through the process
• ensuring safeguarding adults reviews meet the six safeguarding principles
• the principles should be applied by SABs and their partner organisations to all reviews

In her presentation Claire made the following remarls:

The new Care Act is the start of a journey. 

It's a cultural change which will be a long journey

The principals that underpin the act us about promoting the health and well being of individuals

All professionals in health and social care should be equipped with safeguarding skills

Adult safeguarding is in primary legislation for the first time

With adults there is a life story behind them which we need to remember and understand

There needs to be more work on prevention

We want to help people protect themselves wherever possible

Local authorities have the lead but not the sole responsibly. It's about partnership and collaboration.

There are a lot of challenges ahead of us 

Priorities for boards - to engage with your community. 

Claire’s PowerPoint presentation.

Making the safeguarding enquiry and investigation person centred and personalised

Dr Adi Cooper Joint Chair ADASS Safeguarding Network spoke on:

• making the service user the centre of the
• creating adult safeguarding panels to hear cases and determinations recommendations regarding outcomes
• how do we ensure a proportionate response
• embedded “learning lessons” from adult safeguarding cases into our system.

In her presentation Dr Cooper commented;

Safeguarding is threaded through a lot of the Care Act.  Safeguarding isn't just about chapter 14

The initial stage of information gathering is critical

We need to support staff to have the right level of inter personal skills for giving personalised care

In the past we have focused on the process and not content but we need to shift attention to the person at the centre to achieve the results the person wants

Making safeguarding personal helps people achieve the outcome they want

Personalisation is a different approach and works with the persons strengths and helps them resolve the difficulties in their lives

Personalisation enable safeguarding to be done WITH them rather than TO them

Peer Support networks have helped change the culture and approach to safeguarding practice 

Dr Cooper’s PowerPoint presentation

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20 April 2015


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