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Always Events® at ward level

John Bellerby Quality Improvement Lead at Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust spoke at today’s Always Events®  conference on learning from what people tell us we get right including: 

• learning from compliments and positive areas of care
• sharing good practice and implementing at Ward Level
• our experience at Salford and our six Always Events® ®

Abstract of John’s presentation
In January 2013 Salford Royal launched an ambitious project aimed at improving patient, family and carer experience and making it the best organisation in the NHS. This project has been designed to deliver what matters most to our patients and is part of our wider Patient Experience Strategy. The Patient Experience Strategy has been designed to encompass all parts of the patient journey from before admission to after discharge from hospital and including community healthcare.

A fundamental element of this Patient Experience Strategy has been the development of a Quality Improvement Collaborative aimed at delivering our Trust Always Events®  and understanding and delivering what matters most to them. 

Always Events®  are an Institute for Healthcare Improvement Methodology taking the concept of Never Events and flipping them around. Always Events®  are something that our patients should always expect to receive when they come into our Trust. The Trust Always Events®  were developed through focus groups with our patients and their families, they are: 

1.) Staff will always communicate with, inform and respect patients / families / carers, ensuring appropriate communication methods are in place for diverse groups
2.) Patients / families / carers will always know who is in charge of the care
3.) Patients / families / carers are always listened to
4.) Patients' physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs will always be reviewed and supported appropriately
5.) Patients / families / carers will always receive information and education to facilitate self-care, ensuring information can be accessed by all patients where appropriate
6.) Patients / families / carers will always be included in the discharge process

John’s PowerPoint presentation is available for download at the end of this page.

John has worked in the Quality Improvement team at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust since 2007 when he joined the newly formed Quality Improvement Directorate. Over the last seven years John has been involved with delivering the Quality Improvement Strategy at SRFT leading on various Quality Improvement Projects. John is currently the lead for the Trust’s Quality Improvement Collaborative aimed at improving Patient, Family and Carer Experience.

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Download: John Bellerby full presentation

24 March 2015


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