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Always EventsĀ®: Methodology

Pedro Delgado Executive Director Institute for Healthcare Improvement spoke at today’s Always Events® conference on:

• Always Events®: methodology and implementation
• developing an open architecture approach to selecting always events®
• monitoring adherence to always events®
• case studies and examples

The National Quality Forum’s Serious Reportable Events in health care are often referred to as "never events." Few would disagree that incidents such as performing surgery on the wrong site or a death caused by a medication error are not only tragic and harmful, but they should never, ever happen. On the flip side, IHI’s Always Events®framework provides clarity about what should happen for every person, every time they encounter the health care system. Based on decades of research by The Picker Institute on the patient and family experience, an Always Event®is a practice or set of behaviors that, when implemented reliably, will ensure an optimal patient and family experience and improved outcomes. The goal of the process is an "Always Experience"; the Always Event®is a tool for achieving this goal.

Criteria for Always Events®

Important: Patients and families have identified the event as fundamental to their care

Evidence-based: The event is known to be related to the optimal care of and respect for patients and families

Measurable: The event is specific enough that it is possible to accurately and reliably determine whether or not it occurs

Affordable: The event can be achieved without substantial capital expense

Advice for Getting Started

  • Choose a pilot unit, clinical program or population
  • Where there is will to improve patient/family experiences
  • Where there leadership capacity to test and implement an Always Events®
  • Where there are no other major change initiatives underway
  • Engage patients and family members
  • Engage a clinical team
  • Convene a launch meeting
  • Discern a specific focus for improvement (partnership between the clinical team and patients and family members)
  • Create an aim statement (how good, by when?)

always events® is a registered trademark of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Pedro’s full presentation is available for download at the end of this page

Pedro Delgado, MSc, Executive Director, IHI, works with large-scale health system improvement efforts in Europe and Latin America. Currently, his work includes existing programs throughout the UK and emerging initiatives throughout Latin America. Before joining IHI, he worked for the UK National Health Service leading pioneering large-scale improvement efforts in Northern Ireland. This involved working with partners (providers, policy makers, patient representatives, commissioners, and regulators) to design, develop, and deliver a comprehensive country-wide program of work focused on generating sustainable, transformational health, social care, patient safety, and quality improvement initiatives. His background is rich in diversity, including high-performance sport (soccer) in his native Venezuela, the US, and the UK. Mr. Delgado's experience also includes working in the mental health field in Venezuela and the UK, focusing on addictions treatment and prevention in outpatient settings. He holds summa cum laude degrees in Psychology and in Global Business, and an MSc in Healthcare Management and Leadership.

Future event of interest:

Improving Patient Experience & Experiences of Care
Tuesday 16 June 2015 
Hallam Conference Centre, London


Download: Pedro Delgado full presentation

24 March 2015


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