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Care Planning, Information Sharing, Integrated Care and Admission

Dr John Hughes Member, The Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People (LACDP) and Medical Director Sue Ryder Care spoke at today's Delivering Individual Care Plans for Care of the Dying Person conference on:

• care planning and information sharing : what are the issues?
• integrated care : improving quality or reducing costs; can we do both?
• admission avoidance: reality or illusion?

In his presentation Dr Hughes echoed earlier speakers by saying that the Liverpool Care Pathway in itself was not a problem but the way it was interpretted was, and it became very difficult to countenance continuing with it following bad press.  Dr Hughes said the culture in hospitals is a reflection of some of the basic issues that we have in the care of those at end of life or the vulnerable elderly.  He said most doctors or hospital staff want to cure however perspectives change and some patients just want or need to be care for.  He continued; "we need to personalise care for those where care is more important than cure".  Dr Hughes continued looking at care planning saying that it's great but there is a need to be aware of societal and cultural issues that will make a difference. 

Abstract of Dr Hughes’ talk  
The presentation will deal with a number of issues which have emerged from the Neuberger Report into the Liverpool Care Pathway. In particular there will be a discussion about the issues underpinning care planning and why this has been highlighted by the Leadership Alliance as one of the 5 key elements in its response to Neuberger. 

The debate will also encompass the broader implications of care planning and how they might support moves to provide more coordinated and integrated care across the health system for complex and vulnerable people at the end of their lives.

Care planning and the potential for reducing hospital lengths of stays will be touched upon but with an emphasis on the quality of care as opposed to financial savings.

The thread throughout the presentation will be on the recognition that the benefits of care planning can only be achieved by cultural change within some elements of the health care sector.
A number of examples of good practice will be outlined – more details of which can be obtained from the speaker following the meeting.

Dr Hughes' full presentation is available for download at the end of this page.

John Hughes was a GP Principal in South-East Hampshire from 1974 until 2009. 
He has been the Clinical Director of a Primary Care Trust and subsequently the Medical Director and Director of Clinical Strategy in a large Community Trust.
He joined the Sue Ryder Charity in January 2011 as the Group Medical Director and is involved in strategic development across the organisation as well as being the Responsible Officer for the Charity.
John was a member of the Leadership Alliance which developed the response to the Neuberger Report 
Qualifications : MB BS; D.Obst.RCOG; DCH; FRCGP

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Download: Dr John Hughes' full presentation

21 January 2015


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