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Improving Outpatient Services: National Summit

Lucas DalyLucas Daly

Chaired by Mr Bibhas Roy Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon & Virtual Orthopaedic Clinic Lead Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, this national summit brings together leaders of outpatient services to focus on improvement and the delivery of outstanding outpatient care and experience.

Lenny Naar Design Strategist Helix Centre opens the conference with an update on 'Towards Digital Outpatient Services', discussing:

• Placing mobile technology at the forefront of a digital revolution in the NHS
• Using design methods to deeply understand users and applying technologies which respond to user needs
• Best practice example: NHS Improvement is bringing multi-disciplinary teams together across England to innovate in outpatient departments

Lenny discussed the principles of digital technology in outpatient services considering; "how do we make our healthcare environments more human?" Lenny explained how technology design solutions can be alligned to meet peoples needs and that work with NHS Improvement is focusing on this through the Digital Outpatients Movement programme of workshops and digital research for making digital technology improvements in Outpatient Services.

Lenny is a design strategist at Helix Centre, a design studio inside St. Mary's Hospital in London. Formally trained as a communication designer, Lenny has devoted his career to genuinely understanding people and using design to make their lives better. Lenny has led the development of Helix Methods — a practical set of tools to increase empathy on the frontlines of healthcare. The Helix team work to translate research into evidence-based solutions that deeply connect with people’s needs. In addition to working with numerous design consultancies, Lenny worked inside a major U.S. health insurance company on population health management tools to support value-based care. Lenny also recently co-founded Prescribe Design, a community aimed at expanding the role of design and designers working in healthcare.

The morning sessions continue with a presentation from Lucas Daly Head of Patient Feedback Picker on 'Improving Patient Experience in Outpatient Services' and covered:

• learning from the National NHS Outpatient Survey
• from data to intelligent information to insight 
• improving the quality of real time information 
• ‘Always Events’ and how they can be implemented in outpatients 
• developments at NHS England

Lucas opened by discussing the results of the National NHS Outpatient Survey and improvements made by focusing on relational aspects of care giving work at The Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust as an example. He went on to discuss learning from real time patient feedback and focussing on improving compassionate care which is an important component of patient experience.

Full PowerPoint Presentation

Lucas is the Head of Patient Feedback at Picker.  He is responsible for the delivery of surveys in the National Patient Survey Programme for over half of the NHS trusts in England, and works closely with trusts to use patient feedback to drive improvement.  He oversees many other methods of collecting patient feedback such as frequent feedback surveys, online surveys and qualitative research for a range of clients in Europe.

Before this, Lucas worked in the National Patient Survey Co-ordination Centre, based at Picker.

Lucas has a BA (Hons) in Modern History and Political Science, and a MA in History, both from University of Wales, Swansea.

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26 April 2017


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