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Claire Crawley Department of Health gives Keynote Opening Address on Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults under the Care Act 2014 Including the revised regulations and guidance

Claire Crawley, Senior Policy Manager, Adult Safeguarding at the Department of Health gives a keynote opening address on safeguarding vulnerable adults under the Care Act 2014 including the revised regulations and guidance at todays conference. 

In her presentation Claire discussed: 

  • the implications of the Care Act 2014 for adult safeguarding  
  • the revised regulations and guidance: what has changed
  • making safeguarding personal
  • how has the definition of safeguarding changed?
  • what the Act means in practice and what should be in place by April 2015  
  • delivering culture change and implementing the practice guidance 

Claire Crawley' full presentation is available for download at the end of this page.


Claire stated: 

The six principles of safeguarding were published to talk about decision making and professional judgement in the police, social care services and primary care services

The Care Act 2014 largely covers

  • Local Authority Lead
  • Enquires
  • Safeguarding Adult Boards
  • Safeguarding Adult Reviews
  • Supply of Information
  • Independent Advocacy Support

My sense is that if we have adult safeguarding on more of a footing of what it and what it isn’t we will have more of an understanding and a greater response to enquiries.

Safeguarding boards have a strategic and leadership function that goes far beyond the local council.

We all need to be alert to safeguarding issues – abuse, harm, self-neglect – managing risk.

Safeguarding boards needs to report reviews and the findings, along with what has been done and if nothing why not.

The supply of information is perhaps critical in all we do – in safeguarding sharing information is key and does not cause harm.

It is clear that people hide behind the data protection act to protect them self’s and their organisation.

The consequences of not sharing information can be absolutely tragic.

It is absolutely critical you have good line management, your first line manager needs to be skilled and able to make decisions.

We are looking to get some additional guidance out on Designated Adult Safeguarding Managers within the police, local authority and hospitals. 

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Download: Claire Crawley's Presentation

2 March 2015


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