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Delivering annualised job plans & job plan reviews

Dr Mike Greenberg, Divisional Director of Women’s & Children at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust gives an update at today’s Consultant Job Planning conference on:

  • developing and implementing job plan reviews

  • agreeing the support needed to fulfil job plans

  • from year to year: moving forward

  • challenges and successes

Dr Greenberg commented:

"looking over a whole year at job planning allows greater flexibility"

"annualised job planning requires more work in the beginning but subsequent years become easier"

" understand the demand of the department, have that in mind for the individual job plan"

" at Royal Free we agreed our annual job planning guidance with the organisation leadership"

" royal free paediatrics agreed 24 hour cover by consultants, this suited us at the time, may not be a model that suits other organisations"

" appraisal and job planning complaints could be related to a stressful job plan, need to understand, recognise and ultimately prevent that"


Abstract of Mike’s presentation:

Job planning is a key component of the consultant contract. Annualised job planning is a mechanism by which a consultant contracts with their employer to undertake a particular number of PAs or activities on an annual rather than a weekly basis. It has a number of benefits, including increased flexibility for consultant and employee. Once an annualised job plan is agreed, it can be varied from year to year and even within year. Annualised job plans are particularly suitable for departmental job planning. Appraisal is linked to job planning because each process can inform the other; however this can be difficult to achieve in practice. Job planning must be adequately resourced and supported for it to succeed. A number of challenges remain, including ensuring that job planning is undertaken equally well throughout an organisation.

In his presentation Mike discussed:

Annualised Job Planning - Advantages

  • Increased flexibility

  • Increased transparency (and fairness)

  • Less focused on diary based approach

  • Better aligns organisational and personal aims

  • Well suited to team based specialties who share care

  • Better suited to a whole service line approach (departmental job planning)

Annualised Job Planning –disadvantages

  • Can initially be more complex

  • Perhaps less suited to specialties where consultants work in isolation

  • May require consensus on units of activity

Appraisal and job planning

  • Complaints could be related to stressful job plan

  • Personal development plan might need change to job plan (eg learning new procedure)

  • Audit requirement might need flexibility in job plan

  • Change in service may require learning objective as part of PDP

Mike Greenberg’s full presentation is available for download at the end of this page.

Mike Greenberg’s Biography:

Mike is a consultant pediatrician at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. He was paediatric clinical director from 2009 to 2014 and was instrumental in implementing an innovative paediatric 24/7 consultant delivered service. Since the Royal Free merged with Barnet and Chase Farm in July 2014, Mike has been divisional director of women, children and imaging.

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Download: mike-greenberg_1245.pdf

17 November 2015


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