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Dr Chris Farnham The Association of Palliative Medicine discusses Developing individual care plans and goals for every end of life care patient

Dr Chris Farnham Medical Director Heart of Kent Hospice Chair The Education Committee The Association of Palliative Medicine & Member Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People discusses Developing individual care plans and goals for every end of life care patient: 

  • how individualised care plans differ from the LCP’s
  • developing and monitoring care plans for every patient and communicating with family and carers
  • ensuring the care plans reflect the five priority areas
  • ensuring the individual plan of care, which includes food and drink, symptom control and psychological, social and spiritual support, is agreed, coordinated and delivered with
  • compassion
  • setting individual goals with patients

Dr Chris Farnham talked about Developing individual care plans and goals for every end of life care patient. He started by talking about how individual care plans differed from the Liverpool Care Pathway: 

"There is a very clear push from people using the LCP that they want another LCP. We wanted something we could teach against, we could monitor activity against and talk to patients and families about. But the Leadership Alliance was very clear it wasn't there job to come up with another LCP, so we came up with these five areas and priorities."

"It all comes down to communication and the recognising and communicating that someone is dying."

"Sensitively, timely and effective communication between staff, patients and families is exceptionally important too" he said. "It's also then understanding who needs to be involved. It's not just about patients and their families it's about the people looking after those patients whether that is family members or staff in a care home."

"Then it's describing an approach of the care being provided that is clear to all involved. Who do we tell and how do we tell them. We might know lots of things about how patients are going to die, but its choosing how and when we describe those."

"There are lots of things that need to be done, but to me communication is the key to all of this. We need to be able to communicate effectively, because if we don't we will never achieve what our patients need us to."

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Download: Dr Chris Farnhams Presentation

10 December 2014


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