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Dr Michelle Legg Chair Dementia Challenge Steering Group discusses improving timely diagnosis, assessment and intervention

Michele’s presentation began by discussing  why the diagnosis rate has increased and she said 

“We have an ageing population –but  on the isle of Wight where we have 24% over the age of 65 years of age. In 2010 we had 1047 people diagnosed with dementia, in 2014 this is 1777 which is estimated to be 60% of the population that live with dementia on the island. This is because the island has worked incredibly hard to inform people and address the stigma around dementia and highlight the importance and benefits of having a diagnosis and having access to post diagnostic support, there is a lot of evidence to show that post diagnostic support can decrease the progression of dementia and ensure people and their carers live well with dementia. We are aiming to increase this diagnosis rate to 67% on the island by April 2015.”

Michele described how have they achieved this in the education of primary care of recognising the benefits of having a diagnosis to the patient and the carer allowing them to have access to post diagnostic support and making decisions and plans for their future about how they would like to be supported including:

  • Development of a post diagnostic pathway which includes, health, social care and third sector organisations
  • Development of the islands dementia strategy
  • Creation of the Dementia Alliance
  • The creation of Dementia friendly communities
  • Dementia environment bid work of supporting care homes on the island and the hospital to have dementia friendly environments


What are we planning for the future?
~ We are currently reviewing our dementia pathway and will be consulting with the island
~ We will be implementing the dementia strategy and monitoring and reviewing some of the amazing projects that have been undertaken in the past 12 months
~ To become a dementia friendly island!

Secret to the success to date:

The joint working and collaboration between of all the stakeholder organisations on the island

In the Prime Minsters Challenge in 2012 key commitment 3 was an innovation challenge prize of £1 million pounds which the Isle of Wight NHS Trust was awarded with support from the Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group, Isle of Wight Local Council and Care homes.

Micelle went on to discuss the Dementia Friendly Project which is a step towards a dementia friendly Island, by providing some of the most vulnerable people with dementia with an environment which is standardised and harmonised across different care settings, reducing the distress caused by transitions of care and improving the quality of life and safety in each care environment. 

The project focuses on these key areas

Safety- reducing falls and enhancing orientation by good lighting, signage and decor. Where possible these initiatives will be standardised across the care homes and hospital settings – for example flooring and decoration will have the same colour schemes. The person with dementia who needs admission from a care home to hospital will have their distress reduced by the familiarity of similar decor in hospital to their home.

Encouraging outdoor recreation by improving access to gardens, enhancing garden areas by use of raised beds and sensory garden planting, and making areas safe.

Provision of specialist equipment to encourage meaningful personalised activity.

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Download: Michele Legg Presentation

6 October 2014


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