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Nurse/Non Medical Prescribing: Improving Practice, Confidence & Competence

Chaired by Sam Sherrington, Head of Nursing and Midwifery Strategy, NHS England & Chair, Association for Prescribers, this conference took a particular focus on the development of Nurse/Non Medical Prescribing to improve practice, patient care and prescribing competence.

Speakers and Presentations

Nurse Prescribing: National Developments

Sam Sherrington, Head of Nursing and Midwifery Strategy, NHS England & Chair, Association for Prescribers

  • nurse prescribing: national developments
  • developing your skills as an effective nurse prescribers
  • demonstrating compliance with the NMC Code for revalidation
  • what support do nurse prescribers need
  • ensuring nurse prescribing practice is integral to service development

In her presentation Sam Sherrington stated: 

"Our community and network of diversity, I think we need to embrace all that."

"The visible leadership in terms of service development we need to think about service development and leading some of that."

"We know, the work practitioners are already doing is quite innovative, because they are prescribers."

"There are some really fantastic bits of service innovation. I know that prescribers are always thinking about that. Thinking differently about service, improving the quality of experience of patients in the service"

EXTENDED INTERACTIVE SESSION: Improving Nurse Prescribing Practice And Competence: Implementing The New National Competency Framework

Claire Callaghan, NMP Programme Leader, University of Cumbria

  • improving nurse prescribing practice
  • implementing the new national competency framework
  • ensuring you have the history-taking, clinical assessment and diagnosis skills to prescribe appropriately and effectively
  • keeping your prescribing knowledge up-to-date: accessing education, training and resources
  • coaching and mentoring for current and aspiring nurse prescribers
  • interactive question session

Claire Callaghan’s Full Presentation Click Here

Claire Callaghan’s Presentation Abstract:

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society published the revised version of the competency framework for all prescribers in 2016. This framework is increasingly used to support the development of the initial development of prescribing competence as well as the maintenance and continuing development of prescribing practice.

The session provided an opportunity to examine the competency framework and consider its relevance to prescribing practice.

Claire Callaghan’s Biography:

Claire is programme leader for the non-medical prescribing programmes at the University of Cumbria. She is a nurse, who worked in the specialist fields of oncology, palliative care and lymphoedema before taking up a teaching role at the University of Cumbria in 2004.

In practice and in her teaching, Claire has worked to support enhanced patient care through role development by nurses. Claire’s commitment to nurse, pharmacist and allied health professional students on the non-medical prescribing programmes is to facilitate their development and successful achievement of their chosen programme. She describes her current role as a privilege enabling her to work with skilled and knowledgeable practitioners preparing for a non-medical prescribing role in practice.  She also describes leadership of the non-medical prescribing programmes for the past four years as one of the busiest, most challenging and most enjoyable roles since qualification.

In her presentation Claire Callaghan stated: 

"I was asked to cover something about implementing the new national framework." 

"I do think it’s important to recognise the vision and leadership embedded in the crown report all those years ago. that was 1999 a lot has happened since then, and actually the statements in it were quite revolutionary. Even evolutionary."

"In terms of all you need to keep up to date with to be able to prescribe. It’s massive. There’s so much knowledge."

"When we make a prescribing decision, we have to make the same decision that any skilled person, be they a doctor or anything else, would have to."

"We do know that prescribing errors concern. The PRACTICE study concluded that prescribing errors were common in general practice, 1 in 20 prescription items had errors, and 1 in 8 patients experience prescription errors. We know all about the waste of time when errors occur. It’s really important we pass on reports, scrutinise those, learn from them, but if we didn’t make errors in the first place, there would be no need for those reports."

"Hopefully we have come a long way because of reports like this. I think we might have come a long way because we have non-medical prescribers prescribing now." 

"Personal motivation within the profession is what brings a lot of practitioners to prescribing courses, not because they have been told to do it, it’s that personal motivation that drives so many of us."

"Competencies are what is know, individual and measurable skills demonstrated and assessed against agreed standards of competence." 

"The RPS undertook a review of the original competency framework and introduced several new competencies following that. They undertook the review on a research basis, polling and talking to a number of groups."

"We have until the 12th September to respond, and I would encourage you all to respond."

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13 July 2017


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