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Enabling the sharing of images across organisations

Paolo Zanoni PACS Manager University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust spoke at today’s Radiology Information Systems and PACS conference on:

• enabling the sharing of images across organisations: what do we seek to achieve?
• opportunities and obstacles to practical implementation
• personal experience to date

Paolo begain his presentation by saying; "there's no guiding hand helping us move forward, so we need to look at how we can help ourselves".  Paolo shared his experience of moving images between hospitals and breaking boundaries inside his organisation and between organisations. 

Abstract – (Enabling the sharing of images across organisations)

There is increasing pressure to support clinical services with ‘on demand’ medical images in a time of considerable freedom to undertake development but scarce finance or central leadership to support that endeavour. The logistic challenge is considerable and complicated by the need to cross internal and external boundaries safely, provide meaningful context and accommodate complex workflows and diverse user groups. Having taken stock of existing systems at University Hospitals Bristol the conclusion was that the aspirations around data sharing are achievable, affordable and scalable. The Trust’s approach is to exploit the capacity existing systems and standards; the initial focus is on two areas:

1.    Cross –indexation of PACS databases;
2.    Publication of Radiology images and records to an XDS / XDSi registry.

The experience to date has been instructive and the outcomes positive, straightforward to replicate and recommended for any organisation struggling to make progress with image sharing. 

Learning Points
•    Conscious understanding of technology and workflow has a major influence on the speed and success of development.
•    The problems to be solved are both the signpost to the solutions and an effective tool for prioritisation.
•    Success lies in solving the general case.
•    Incremental release of small service improvements is less traumatic for end users.
•    If you are in service, you already have everything needed to get started and improve your service.

Paolo’s full presentation is available for download at the end of this page.

Paolo Zanoni trained as a Radiographer through the Oxford Regional School of Radiography and qualified in 1991. Whilst working at Princess Margaret Hospital in Swindon Paolo took time out from clinical duties to support the Trust’s Pathfinder PFI Programme; he supported staff involved in the contracting out of non-clinical services to the private sector and worked within a project team to assist medical and clinical services to transition to the new build. During this secondment Paolo acquired a diploma in Health Service Management. Paolo also has a post graduate diploma in Radionuclide Imaging and has a nationally accredited Certificate of Competence in Bone Densitometry, having practised clinically in Swindon, University College Hospitals London (UCL) and University Hospitals Bristol (UHB). With the advent of the National PACS programme he became actively involved with informatics and has been the RIS / PACS manager at University Hospitals Bristol since 2006. He is a strong supporter of user led development and over the years has been fortunate to work with a range of user groups and working parties; he was Chair of the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) Informatics Group and represented them on the National Imaging Board Informatics Group and NAHPIST (National AHP Informatics Strategic Taskforce). Paolo has been actively engaged in the systems development programme at University Hospitals Bristol working with the suppliers for existing products and services to develop practical solutions to data sharing.

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Download: Paolo Zanoni

13 May 2015


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