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Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock on the Topol Review

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock has outlined the importance of digital technology in the NHS stating; "Why do I care about getting the right tech in the NHS? Why should we all care about getting the right tech in the NHS?

It’s not about having the latest gizmos. It’s because the right technology saves lives. Every major technological leap, from penicillin, to vaccination, to MRI, has meant more lives saved."

Quoting Dr Umesh Prabhu the Health Secretary said; 

"There’s something that Dr Umesh Prabhu said that has stayed with me. It’s the reason why he devoted his career to becoming an NHS medical director and an expert in patient safety. When he was a consultant, he made a mistake. There were 2 babies with the same name on his ward. His junior doctor picked up the wrong case notes and when Dr Prabhu was brought the wrong x-ray, he discharged the wrong baby. Two days later that baby boy was admitted to another hospital with severe brain damage. The baby’s step-father had stamped on his skull. X-rays showed the baby had multiple rib fractures, some of which were old. As you can imagine, Dr Prabhu was devastated. Here was a man who cared deeply about his patients, who had made helping people his life’s mission. That tragedy had a profound effect on him. He vowed to change the system, to put in place safety protocols and ways of working that would mean a simple mix-up couldn’t lead to such devastating consequences again. Thankfully, thanks to his efforts, much has changed in the NHS since that happened. But it hasn’t changed enough. Dr Prabhu says human beings make 5 to 7 mistakes every day. Everybody makes mistakes. Doctors and nurses will make mistakes, despite their best efforts and intentions.

That’s why, for me, getting the right tech ‒ tech that works, tech that helps our medical staff, that makes their lives easier, that reduces the chance of human error leading to human tragedy ‒ is so important."

The Topol Review commissioned by Matt Hancock, produced by Health Education England and led by Dr Eric Topol a cardiologist, geneticist, and digital medicine researcher makes recommendations for making the most of innovative technologies.

Read the full article here

Source: The Department of Health & Social Care
Published 11 February 2019

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14 February 2019


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