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Meeting quality standards for Eating Disorder Services

Dr Frances Connan Chair of the Quality Network for Eating Disorders spoke at today’s ‘Eating Disorders: Developing a Gold Standard Service’ conference on assuring and improving the quality of services treating people with eating disorders and their carers. 

Dr Connan delivers an extended session focusing on the Quality Network for Eating Disorders, an initiative of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The network sets standards for eating disorder services and reviews them using a process of self- and peer-review. The session will outline the framework for quality network standards and meeting the standards in practice. The session will also focus on involving users and carers.

In her presentation Frances stated:

- quality is hard to define, particularly in absence of evidence

- tendency to narrowly define quality as an idealised version of 'what I do'

- good news is QED is now an eating disorder specific network within CCQI

- no sense to split our services at age 18

- need a quality network, it's in the gaps that we have issues

- this year QED has a real opportunity to reintegrate services

- 1st QED forum is May 9th 2016

Abstract of Dr Connan’s presentation:

QED was conceived in 2009 as a multidisciplinary quality assurance network for ED services across the full spectrum of age and service type. The primary aim was to create a peer network and review process to support quality improvement, with assurance through accreditation secondary. Implementation has been an enormous challenge.

Progress of the project will be presented, highlighting the pitfalls, the successes and key challenges for the future. How do we define quality in the absence of a robust evidence base? How do we measure quality? How can service users and carers contribute most effectively? How do we integrate quality across the 4 quadrants of services (CAMHS community, Adult Community, CAMHS inpatient, Adult Inpatient)? How do we facilitate authentic quality assessment and formative learning in a health service increasingly dominated by assurance, regulation and competitive commissioning?

Investment and development of improved ED services for children and young people in 2016 may provide a unique opportunity to reinvigorate the original aspirations for QED. 

Frances Connan’s Biography:

Frances Connan has worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist in Eating disorders at Vincent Square Eating Disorder Service, CNWL NHS Foundation Trust, for more than a decade. She is also Clinical Director for CAMHS and Eating Disorders (ED). As a member of the Executive Committee of the ED section of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Frances was involved in the development of QED, the quality assurance network for ED, from its conception in 2009. She is currently Chair of the QED advisory group.

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10 February 2016


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