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Implementing the 2015 NICE Guidance on managing violence and aggression

Prof Peter Tyrer Professor of Community Psychiatry, Centre for Mental Health at Imperial College London spoke at today’s Reducing Seclusion conference on: 

● implementing the new May 2015 guidance with regard to seclusion 
● alternatives to seclusion
● ensuring service users get to know staff as human beings 
● ensuring alternatives are not just seclusion under another name
● managing violence and aggression in a positive way

Prof Tyrer commented; "Inclusion of children and adolescents relies on expert opinion and evidence, there is no recommended training"

"No one asks services users how they would like to be dealt with when they needed intervention"

"Reducing restrictive intervention is only available once the process has been carried out correctly"

‘Reduction programmes are needed in all trusts"

Prof Tyrer’s PowerPoint presentation is available for download at the end of this page. 


Violence is a major problem in the NHS and whilst we have improved risk assessment and promoted violence reduction programmes, we have done this by losing our ability to communicate well with people who may be about to be violent.  Much violence can be prevented by sensitive interventions and the latest NICE guideline indicates how this can be done.

Violence and aggression: short-term management in mental health, health and community settings NICE guidelines [NG10] Published date: May 2 available at

Peter Tyrer has been Professor of Community Psychiatry in the Centre of Mental Health at Imperial College since 1991. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, the Faculty of Public Health, the Royal College of Psychiatrists (also an Honorary Fellow), and of the Academy of Medical Sciences. He also is Chair of the Working Group for the ICD-11 revision of the classification of personality disorders, which promotes a radical new view of the subject that should help to destigmatise personality disorder as a negative image of untreatability. He has chaired three NICE guidelines, the latest on the management of violence and aggression published in May 2015. He is also very interested in environmental interventions to reduce mental illness and is the chair of a registered charity, NIDUS-UK, which promotes nidotherapy, the systematic manipulation of the environment to make a better fit between patient and setting, which is now used in five countries.  Violence in NHS settings is unfortunately increasing and our latest guideline attempts to reverse this.

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Download: Peter Tyrer full presentation

20 October 2015


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