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News and updates from today's Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults in Hospitals conference

Following the chair's introductions, Katherine Williams Inspector - Hospitals Directorate Care Quality Commission opens the conference with a perspective from CQC, focusing on:

• the new CQC structure and inspection regime
• how will the new regime assess safeguarding practice and procedures
• the role of CQC in safeguarding cases

Katherine comments: 

“I would usually request to see how many safeguarding alerts you have had”

“ in terms of ratings systems our systems are based in a similar format to the ofsted system”

“it’s not just inspections we are constantly monitoring safeguarding”

“do your staff actually know how to do safeguarding face to face, do they recognise abuse, are they aware?”

“the intention of regulation 13 is very much to safeguarding patients”

“when we are talking to providers we want to make sure they have systems in place”

Robert Templeton Independent Safeguarding Adults Board Chair Well Street Better Care and Health continues the morning with a session on 'Hospital Discharges and Safeguarding', looking at:

• what is meant by ‘an unsafe Discharge’
• how do these relate to safeguarding
• how might they be managed and monitored

Robert comments:

"It's much easier to blame everyone else and say, it's out of my control, but we need to be thinking about - what can I do to improve the situation"

"Leadership is absolutely key, and has been looked into by the CQC recently" 

Presentation Abstract:

After a stay in hospital, it is crucial patients receive the right care and support on their return home. However, patients and their families are increasingly experiencing serious problems while waiting for, or after, discharge. Complaints are on the increase and in some cases the result of poor discharge panning leads to tragic consequences. This presentation will examine:  What is meant by ‘an Unsafe Discharge’, how do these relate to safeguarding
and what needs to be done in order to keep people safe. 

Robert's biography:

Robert is a health and social care advisor with over 25 years experience, across the full range of adult and children services. He is currently the Independent Chair for Cheshire East and Portsmouth City Safeguarding Adults Boards and the Chair of the National Network of Chairs of Safeguarding Adults Boards.

Robert is also a registrant non-executive council member of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) supporting the Council in protecting those using the services of the fifteen health and social care professions regulated by the HCPC.

Pete Morgan Chair Practitioner Alliance for Safeguarding Adults (PASAUK) will discuss 'S42 Safeguarding Enquiries in a hospital setting'.  He will discuss:

• what do we mean by ‘a S42 Enquiry’
• what is their purpose
• how might hospital staff become involved in one and in what manner

Pete comments: 

“if I asked you for a definition of a football club and you gave a list of premier league, first division etc that’s what the statuary guidance does, it gives you a list but it doesn’t actually tell you what safeguarding is”

“we know in terms of child protection and abuse the impact, in terms of the life prospects, career, housing, financial prospects, I believe the same is correct for the abuse of adults”

“we need to recognise the long term impact of abuse in older people on their lives”

Pete's biography:

Pete started his career as a residential social worker in 1974, having read Philosophy at University. He is a registered Social Worker, having qualified in 1980, and has worked in residential, intermediate treatment and community services, including being an ASW. His local authority management posts included a juvenile justice team, both generic and adult patch teams, and commissioning care services from the independent and voluntary sectors, before he became the Vulnerable Adult Protection Coordinator in Coventry in 2003. From 2008 to 2010 he was the Head of Service – Safeguarding Adults for Birmingham Adults and Community Services.

Click here to see Pete's full presentation

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6 December 2016


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