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Improving Patient Experience in Outpatient Services

Paul Jebb, Patient Experience Professional Lead, NHS England discussed ‘Improving Patient Experience in Outpatient Services’ at today’s conference. In his presentation Paul discussed in-depth:

  • improving patient experience in outpatient services
  • measuring progress against the “I” statements
  • from data to intelligent information to insight
  • improving the quality of real time information
  • ‘Always Events’ and how they can be implemented in outpatients

Paul Jebb's full presentation is available for download at the end of this page.

In his presentation Paul discussed:

What makes a good experience?

  • I am involved as an active partner in my care.
  • I am treated as an individual – my needs, values and preferences are respected.
  • There is a recognition that I am the expert on me.
  • I am able to access services when I need them, and my care is coordinated.
  • I am asked about my communication preferences so that communication is tailored to me.
  • I have access to the information I need, which is presented in a way that is right for me.
  • I have access to the support I need and is right for me, including emotional and practical support, and I am able to involve my loved ones in decisions about me.
  • The environment in which I receive my care is clean and comfortable and makes me feel dignified.

The skills that every clinician needs

  • How to connect with other human beings
  • How to listen without controlling the conversation
  • How to recognise, identify and respond to emotion
  • How to respond constructively to difference, disagreement and conflict
  • How to communicate in such a way that the listener understands and remembers

Capturing Real Time Info

  • What real time feedback do you capture?
  • How do you capture it?
  • How do you use it?
  • How do you evidence to the giver that you have used it to drive improvement?

What is FFT?

FFT is a real-time local feedback tool. It has different characteristics from national surveys

FFT are Real-time, Ward-level, Effective for service improvement, Can be used as early-warning system and Not representative or not comparable.

National surveys are Robust, comparable data at Trust level, Data on a range of issues, Suitable for performance management, Not meaningful to front-line staff and Have not historically changed behaviours.

FFT and National surveys are complementary sources of Insight. FFT is a formative measure: it provides data to improve services. National surveys are summative measures: they provide an accurate picture of relative performance

“78% of Trusts reported that FFT had increased the emphasis placed on patient experience at their Trust”

Always Events® are defined as “those aspects of the patient and family experience that should always occur when patients interact with healthcare professionals and the delivery system.” Institute of Health Care Improvement

The Five Aims of Always Events®

  1. Raise the bar on both provider and patient expectations
  2. Introduce a new organizing principle to help galvanize action and accountability
  3. Demonstrate how the Always Events ® concepts can be implemented in practice
  4. Widely disseminate Always Events ® strategies for national replication
  5. Energize and expand the movement toward a more patient- and family-centered health care system

Criteria for Always Events®

  • Important:  Patients and families have identified the event as fundamental to their care
  • Evidence-based:  The event is known to be related to the optimal care of and respect for patients and families
  • Measurable:  The event is specific enough that it is possible to accurately and reliably determine whether or not it occurs
  • Affordable:  The event can be achieved without substantial capital expense

"Can't talk about patient experience without talking about staff experience, the two go hand in hand"

"Outpatients can be how people perceive the whole organisation"

"learn from where you've been and what you've done"

"Capturing real time information is key"

"Preserving dignity within an outpatient environment can be a challenge"

"In an outpatient enviroment you will see everyone, need to understand your population"

Future events of interest:

Measuring, Understanding and Acting on Patient Experience Insight
Friday 29 January 
Hallam Conference Centre, London


Download: Paul Jebb's full presentation

22 January 2016


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