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Job Planning driving improvement: ensuring success for consultants, the service and for improved patient care

Dr Nnenna Osuji Deputy Medical Director at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust spoke at today’s Consultant Job Planning conference on:

    • delivering successful job planning in practice: learning from     experience
    • an update on the consultant contract negotiations and     the drive towards a 7 day NHS
    • successful job planning for consultants, the service and     patient care: tensions and solutions
    • promoting supporting professional activities (SPAs)
    • job planning for new consultants

In her presentation Dr Osuji gave a personal insight into her experience of job planning, the things to be taken in to consideration and challenges to consider including:

    When should job planning take place?
    What is included in Direct Clinical Care (DCC) PAs?
    What should be included on the weekly timetable?
    How many DCC PAs should be allowed for patient administration?
    How do I account for predictable emergency work?
    How do I account for unpredictable emergency work?
    What is “excess travel”?
    What is included in Supporting Professional Activities (SPA)?
    How many SPAs should be allocated for Teaching?
    How many SPAs should be allocated for Research and Development activity?
    How do I factor external duties into the job plan?
    How does a consultant’s private practice affect job planning?
    Who will be involved in job plan reviews?
    How might a team job plan review help the process?
    When should consultant appraisal take place in relation to the job planning process?
    What happens if I don’t submit a job plan?

Dr Osuji reflected on the importance of successful job planning for driving improvement for service and patient care, and how to support consultant job planning with the right infrastructure and training. Dr Osuju said; 

"job planning is the tool to achieve medical productivity"

"job planning should not be 'what we did' but what the organisation expect"

"transparency is very important for success"

"our team job plans are now 80%"

"if I was going to do it again I would keep it simple"

"conflict is normal and should be expected but we have done this with the respect of our colleagues"

Dr Osuji’s full presentation is available for download at the end of this page.

Dr. Osuji is a consultant haematologist with over ten year’s experience, and works at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust. She graduated from the University of Aberdeen and did her General Medical training in South West London. From there she completed her specialist training in haematology. She developed an interest in malignant haematology and specifically mature T-cell leukaemias/lymphomas which formed the subject of her doctoral thesis. She is also highly committed to education, acquiring specialist accreditation in this area and actively providing teaching to medical and allied students. She currently lectures on the Open University/Hay Group/NHS Leadership Academy Mary Seacole Programme. Current leadership roles include: Head of Department for Haematology; Lead clinician for haemato-oncology and chemotherapy; Deputy Medical Director; Chair of the Medicines Management Committee. In her role as Deputy Medical Director she oversees the processes of appraisal and revalidation as well as job planning.

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Download: Dr Nnenna Osuji full presentation

26 November 2014


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