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The role of virtual clinics in managing demand and reducing unnecessary appointments

Dr Arvind Madan, GP Partner & CEO, The Hurley Group discussed the role of virtual clinics in managing demand and reducing unnecessary appointments at today’s conference. Dr Arvind Madan looked in-depth at:


  • the role of virtual clinics in managing demand and reducing unnecessary appointments
  • developing virtualization by non face to face interaction
  • looking ahead to the health service of the future

Dr Arvind Madan full presentation is available for download at the end of this page.

During his presentation Dr Arvind Madan stated:

Why not just encourage GPs to invite email addresses to patients?

  • GPs cannot verify patient’s identity so risk disclosing sensitive data
  • Limited governance of clinical email e.g. GP response time could be days
  • Medicolegally risky for GPs
  • Arguably too easy for patients and can lead to banter and supply-led demand
  • Elicits history in piecemeal manner and doesn’t optimise data capture
  • Email doesn’t close communication loop and requires passwords
  • Causes additional work [come + call + click] rather than reducing work [come + call => click]

What about web chat or secure messaging?

  • May become more popular but may well increase workload
  • Will exclude patients less able to manage passwords and technology
  • Great patient access but identity issues, fragmented and clinically risky

What about Skype?

  • Logistical issues remain cumbersome
  • Will unleash new demand at time when general practice struggling if open to all
  • Has a role with niche patient groups

Dr Arvind Madan Biography:

Arvind has been a GP for 18 years and is the CEO of the Hurley Group. The Hurley Group is an NHS GP practice that has grown from a single surgery in a deprived part of South London, into being one of UK’s larger providers of GP and urgent care services, over the space of 7 years.

After initially leading on operations, he has led on strategy for the Hurley which now runs 17 practices caring for 100,000 registered patients and it operates 9 urgent care services seeing 350,000 patients a year. He has also led on setting up a variety of new clinical services, pharmacies and premises developments.

He is currently leading on two flagship projects for the Group - the first is providing online services for patients, and the second allows GPs to remotely crowd source advice from each other and specialists.

He is member of the Kings Fund Advisory Group and a Director for a community interest company that runs peer mediation for 30 London schools.

Download: Dr Arvind Madan Presentation

20 April 2015


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