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Looking forward to the new Falls Quality Standard due February 2015 by Cameron Swift

Prof Cameron SwiftProf Cameron Swift

Cameron opened his presentation by discussing the most sightended paper- close et all. lancet 1999 carried out by Cameron and Jackie Close and this was done on very little money. They can see reduction of falls in control and intervention group therefore falls are preventable. Cameron said that future data has been carried that supports the findings.

Scroll down to the full presentation that Cameron referred to throughout his presentation including graphs and papers on prevention of falls in primary care and how the early papers are being supported with new findings from over the years.

Evidence is emerging about group inventions saying that it can be a negative.

Professor Swift also said that problems can not spell out on patients the right way and this can be limited.

Professor Swift concluded his presentation by defining an effective falls service and falls questions that are scheduled for February 2015 for publication.

Scroll down to full presentation


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Download: Prof Cameron Swift Presentation

5 November 2014


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