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Measuring, Understanding and Acting on Patient Experience Insight

Falling at the end of Experience of Care Week the conference focuses on measuring, understanding and acting on patient experience insight, and demonstrating responsiveness to that insight to improve care.

The conference opened with a national update from chair Julia Holding, Head of Patient Experience at NHS Improvement. Earlier this year NHS Improvement launched a new patient experience headlines tool.  

Julia comments:

"Results from the latest NHS Staff Survey:
75% of staff agree they contribute to improving the work of their team or department 
Only 51% report they use patient feedback to support service improvement "

Improving Patient Experience and Experiences of Care
Neil Churchill,
Director of Patient Experience, NHS England

Neil comments:

"Friends and Family test - It is designed to make sure the staff who work in different clinical areas are looking at what thier patients are saying.
What do we need to understand better?
What do we need to improve?
- This should become a discipline 
The idea is that whereever you go into the health service that this is known.

Use of patient experience feedback - Feedback is used to make improvements in my department

PE experts are spending alot of thier time collecting thier feedback - need to think about how we can make them spend more time on doing something about the feedback

Carers - Make this a much more ambitious scale.  
Always Events - Is a co-production tool, what's working and what's not.  Designed through patients and staff working together.
As well as patients, we need to involve staff more in improvement

ACO's (accountable care orgs) - Where an organisation becomes responsible for the whole of the pathway, ratehr than part of it. E.g. addressing common PX challenges at bourndaries of care."

Demonstrating insight and responsiveness at a local level
Jan McGuiness
, Director of Patient Experience, Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

Jan comments:

"Results of Survey - The things that we really need to work on are waiting, food and communication.
By adding voicemail (IVM - interactive Voice messaging) increased responses by 10%"

Pre-Event Abstract submission: Patient Experience - Demonstrating Insight and Responsiveness at a local level 

• Describe an approach to demonstrate insight and responsiveness to patient feedback. 
• Describe how to pull all sources of patient feedback together to tell the bigger story. 
• Share examples of real or “near” real time responses to patient feedback. 

Relevant Resource Links: 
Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - 
Hospital to Home - 
Picker Institute Case Study – Adult Cystic Fibrosis Outpatient Clinic - Using data to improve Patient Experience 

Full PowerPoint Presentation

Using Patient Experience as part of a wider quality assurance framework to drive improvements
Mark McKenna,
Head of Patient Experience, The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust

Pre-Event Abstract/Key learning

All NHS organisations seek and receive feedback from patients, service users, carers, relatives and representatives. This may be through national initiatives such as the Friends and Family Test or the National Inpatient Survey, or may be locally focused initiatives seeking the views of patients of a particular service or pathway. This session looks at ways that we can triangulate this vital feedback with other quality indicators to drive improvements. Doing so helps to embed a culture of continuous improvement.

Mark comments:

"Patient Exp as a quality indicator - Patient feedback is a valuable quality indicator. It provides:

Opportunity to see things through the eyes of people who receive care or service

Reflection of the emotions and feelings that patients, relatives, carers experience

Temperature check of pressures upon a service or department / earlywarning signs

Indicator of the culture of an organisation – openness, confidence,engagement

Triangulating patient feedback with other quality indicators - Different perspective and insight from other quality indicators

Culture of continuous improvement - Using reports to drive improvement"

Full PowerPoint Presentation

Gathering and using experiences of care
Jo Odell
, Practice Development Facilitator, Foundation of Nursing Studies (FoNS)

Pre-Event Abstract Session title: Working with Nurses: Gathering and using experiences of care

FoNS uses its expertise in working with nurses to lead innovation and improvement to inspire and enable a culture across health and social care (UK wide) that values people, where patients experience care and services which are the best they can be and staff feel appreciated and supported. Through its practice development programmes, FoNS has enabled clinically based teams to lead local innovations, develop confidence to engage with key stakeholders and to use this feedback to improve patient care in any health and social care setting across the UK. This presentation will share the varied ways in which the teams we have worked with have used patient experiences in their projects and in practice to ensure care is person-centred, safe and effective.

Overview of Session
•    Brief introduction to FoNS’ work with nurse led teams, helping them to develop confidence and practice to improve patient care
•    Overview of our programmes 
•    Integrating staff experience and patient experience into practice
•    Case studies of health and social care teams that FoNS has supported to lead innovation and improvement using patient experience

Jo comments:

"Patients First Programme: It's an 18 month programme from nurse lead teams.Provides 6 workshop days to bring them together for learningn and inspiration.

Why listening to people is important - We can get a different perspective, everyone has a different story.  Also helps us drive change as we can identify actions from it.  Use tools in a collaborative way to engage learning.

Key messages:

  • There are lots of ways to listen and hear about patient and staff experiences- be creative !
  • Involve as many people as possible in collecting and listening to the experiencesand use this to drive change
  • Research how others have done this and get support from others in your organisation or outside- FoNS website
  • Don’t wait get started!"


Full PowerPoint Presentation

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24 March 2017


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