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National Update from Public Health England

Seamus Watson, National Programme Manager - Mental Health at Public Health England spoke at today’s Improving Physical Health for People with Mental Health Conditions conference.

Seamus stated:

"The story becomes less cheerful when we take all that good health data and compare it with people dealing with mental health problems"

"People living with significant mental health problems are dealing with the same level of health as those living in the 1950’s"

"People with significant mental health problems are 3 times more likely to have physical health problems"

"40% of all tobacco smoking in England is by people with mental health issues"

In his presentation Seamus covered:

National interventions

  • Policy matter

  • Addressing causes, and ill health

  • Smoking cessation

  • Access to regular health checks and interventions

  • Access to population healthcare

  • Intelligence and monitoring

  • Staff ability and confidence

  • Continued advocacy, leadership and innovation

Seamus Watson’s full presentation is available for download at the end of this page.

Seamus Watson’s  biography

Seamus is National Programme Manager for Mental Health with Public Health England. Seamus has responsibility for supporting Government on matters related to the early recognition and intervention for people experiencing mental health difficulties, improving the lives of people living with mental health problems, and offers mental health expertise regarding people in contact with Justice services and Veterans. 

Seamus has responsibility for ensuring evidence, knowledge and case studies are available to support national policy and to shine a light on the inequalities experienced by people living with mental health problems. Seamus works directly with Ministers, the Department of Health, NHS England, and other key national public sector and non-statutory organisations. Seamus is an experienced, advanced mental health practitioner and has been an Operational Director of Mental Health, Children and Family Services, and Head of Public Health within a NHS region. 

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Download: seamus-watson_1336.pdf

23 February 2016


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