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News and Updates from today's Patient Experience Insight conference

Today's conference focuses on measuring, understanding and acting on patient experience insight, and demonstrating responsiveness to that insight to improve care.

Tommy Whitelaw opened the conference with a passionate presentation based on his experience of caring for his mum with dementia. Tommy encouraged delegates to see the person not the diagnosis. Ask what matters, listen to what matters and do what matters. Tommy talked about the challenge to get his mum recognised by her name and her life experience not the diagnosis. Tommy talks about the thousands of letters he has recieved about love, relationships and the loneliness of being a carer and person with dementia.

Tommy then talks about his campaign "you can make a difference"  - encouraging people to make a difference. Tommy said you have he potential to transform the life and experiences of the people you are caring for - what an incredible gift! 

The little things are really big things to people. The standard we walk past is the standard we accept. 

Tommy then shared some of the letters her has received from people. 

Tommy talked about this mum Joan - explaining that now the delegates in the room know more about Joan than many of the professionals who cared for her and encouraged people to take time to ask about peoples lives, love stores, family and experiences. 

Tommy then thanked all the delegates for their input in caring for people every day.

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View Tommy's presentation here 

Jo Odell Practice Development Facilitator Foundation of Nursing Studies continues the morning by discussing 'The Patients First programme: Improving Patient Experience and Experiences of Care', covering:

• using experience as a change methodology
• integrating staff experience and patient experience into practice
• case studies of health and social care teams involved in the Patients First programme

View Jo's presentation here 

Claire Marshall, Head of Patient Experience At Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust then discussed the Frimley experience of demonstrating insight and responsiveness at a local level. Claire discussed issues around bringing together two differently performing trusts and cultures into one organisation, and how they have worked to build a culture which values patient experience. Claire also discussed her experience of managing responses on social media and their Chief Executive which encourages direct feedback and responds to all emails within around 24 hours. Leadership from the top is incredibly important to patient experience.

View Claire's presentation here 

Concluding the morning sessions is Sophie Staniszewska Chair Guideline Development Group The NICE Quality Standard for Patient Experience in adult NHS Services Senior Research Fellow and Lead for Patient Experiences and Patient & Public Involvement Programme The Royal College of Nursing Research Institute - University of Warwick.  Sophie delivers an extended session on 'Implementing the NQB and NHS England endorsed Warwick Patient Experiences Programme in practice', and will discuss:

• the Warwick Patient Experience Programme explained
• what matters most to people about their experiences of care
• improving the relational aspects of care; in other words the human interactions between staff, patients and carers which underpin personalised, responsive and compassionate care
• implementation of the NICE Quality Standard for Patient Experience: where are we now? 

View Sophie's presentation here

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