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News and Presentations for todays Nurse Prescribing Leadership Summit

Ruth WakemanRuth Wakeman

Nurse Prescribing: NMC Update
Ruth Wakeman,
Deputy Director of Education and Standards, Nursing and Midwifery Council
Pre Event Abstract
This presentation focuses on our new standards for nurse and midwife prescribers, looking at how they differ from our current standards, and the challenges and opportunities they will bring for students, practitioners, educators, employers and the NMC as a regulator. It covers subjects such as selection for, admission to and progression through prescribing programmes; the content, delivery and evaluation of prescribing programme curricula; learning that takes place in practice settings; how student prescribers are to be supervised and assessed during their programmes; and the qualification to be awarded to successful students and post-qualification practice. This presentation also discusses the reasons for withdrawal of the Standards for medicines management in January 2019 and how the NMC signposts to alternative sources of guidance. It also considers whether an increase in the number of nurses and midwives prescribing will have an effect on the number of fitness to practise referrals to the NMC for prescribing misconduct, and the importance of the competency framework as part of revalidation for nurse and midwife prescribers. 
Ruth speaking this morning said:
'Only after successful completion of the programme can a registrant register their qualification with the NMC'
'They can only prescribe from the formulary they are qualified to prescribe'
The standards set are the standards that need to be met'
'Prescribing practice is not a major fitness to practice concern for the NMC'
'We have had strong support for guidance on medicines management which is applicable to all health and care professionals'
'We are always grateful when people tell us about something so we can signpost it'
'Don't forget about The Code. We are usually basing our answers based on The Code'

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Nurse Prescribing Leadership: National Update
Marion Russell,
Independent Medicines Management Advisor
Pre Event Abstract
The number of professions now able to register as non-medical prescribers is expanding as the demands made on the NHS and other Health Care providers continues to increase. This brings with it the need to ensure that medicines are not only prescribed safely but those who undertake this task are capable and competent to do so. The new NMC Code for nurses and midwives sets out quite clearly that patient safety is the registrant's responsibility. This presentation seeks to link all of these facets together and help to set the scene for the conference. 
Marion discusses:
'Patients & the public often believe that nurses and midwives are able to prescribe'
'The UK has the most extended prescribing rights in nursing worldwide'
'Learning to prescribe may be considered one of the most personally challenging areas of development for nurses'

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Developing your leadership skills
Mr Joan Pons Laplana,
Transformation Nurse, James Paget University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Pre Event Abstract
We have a Worldwide Crisis. The shortage of Nursing keeps growing. We need a stronger leadership to change the direction of our profession. We need rebels, positive disruptors, dissenters, and mavericks in health and care because these are the people who are willing to connect with others and to lead, to inspire others to do things differently. As a collective we need to change the perceptions that our society have from Nursing. Our profession has evolved significantly since Florence Nightingale, but our image still stuck in last century.
We need connections not only because being a lone activist is lonely, but it is those connections that help transform an individual’s actions into a movement for change. As Harvard academic Marshall Ganz suggests it is public narrative – the sharing of our stories, what motivates us, our ‘why’, our journeys to where we are now – that leads to collective action. We are the biggest healthcare workforce but often we are ignored. We need to realise our power: aspirations become actions, and actions become outcomes. We need to ROAR.
Anyone can inspire change and make a difference – you don’t need specific qualifications, or a particular job role. It is the power of ‘we’ that can truly transform. Can you be the next Nurse Leader? Can anyone be a leader?
Joan, speaking this afternoon said:
'We need leadership to fight for us' 'We need better leadership'
'The most dangerous phrase in language is 'We've always done it this way'
'It is impossible to change things alone - to be a leader alone'
'If you have never failed you've never tried anything new'
'2020 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale' 'The World Health Organisation is going to make 2020 the year of the nurse!'

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8 February 2019


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