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News and updates from today's 'Advanced Nursing Practice & Credentialing' conference

Gill CoverdaleGill Coverdale

Following the chair's introductions and welcome, Ollie Phipps Chair, Advanced Nurse Practitioner Forum Royal College of Nursing, opens the conference with an EXTENDED KEYNOTE OPENING ADDRESS on 'Advanced Nursing Practice and Credentialing' covering:
• credentialing explained: assessing the background and legitimacy of nurses to practice at an advanced level through assessing their qualifications, experience and competence
• bringing credibility to the role and reducing variation
• pathways to achieving the RCN Advanced Level Nursing Practice Credential
• developing a job plan that demonstrates current advanced level practice verified by a senior nurse/ employer
• the credentialing handbook and the role of the credentialing specialist 

In his presentation Ollie looked at what is a Advanced Practice and what is it NOT?

He said; "Roles are changing, it's not like 50 years ago…..its not about a job title it is about what you do...Advanced Practice is a level of Practice."

He went on to speak about the ‘Airedale Enquiry’ and how we need to learn from this.

He commented: 

"Advanced Practice isn’t about attending a 2-5 days training course, not about getting a certificate of attendance, you must be competent prove you can do it."
"RCN Credentialing is individual ability to practice at an advanced level – 1. Experience 2. Qualifications 3. drives up standards of practice and skills of nursing profession"
"Consider how you fit into the RCN 4 Pillars of advanced practice? Clinical, Management Leadership, Education, Research. This is really important."

Full PowerPoint Presentation

Gill Coverdale Professional Lead - Education Standards and Professional Development Royal College of Nursing, continues with an EXTENDED SESSION looking at 'Developing your Leadership Skills -Leadership is one of the four pillars of the RCN Credentialing Approach', and discusses:
• understanding and developing your leadership skills
• developing leadership qualities and behaviours against a framework
• the role of coaching and mentoring
• ensuring a wider understanding of the whole organisation/system in which ANPs work

Gill outline the different leadership styles; Transactional, Transformational, Situational, Systems, and gave tips for being a good role model, such as:

Challenge the process – Testing, experimenting, piloting – Learning from mistakes ‘what would you do differently’

Encourage others – Trust, teach, give confidence to others.

Recognise people that you work with, encouragement is important as a profession, support your young practitioner give them the opportunity and celebrate them.

Coaching – 6 important principles which differentiate coaching from other approaches

GROW – Goal, Reality, Options, Will do – Model of Coaching (Acronym)

Full PowerPoint Presentaiton

Wendy Preston Head of Nursing Practice Royal College of Nursing, closes the day with a session on 'Moving forward: Demonstrating continuous education and training' covering: 
• education and training options for the ANP role
• demonstrating evidence of continued professional development related to advanced nursing practice and mapping against RCN Accredited Advanced Practice Programme Standards
• moving forward: what should you focus on tomorrow? 

Full PowerPoint Presentation


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19 March 2018


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