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News and updates from today's Nursing Associate conference

Following the chair's opening welcome, Mandie Sunderland Chief Nurse Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (Nottingham University Hospitals is a Nursing Associate Test Site) delivers the opening presentation on 'The Nursing Associate Role', covering:

• the role of the Nursing Associate
• enhancing the quality of personalised care, strengthening the support available to registered nursing staff and reducing the reliance and dependency on RNs to under take elements of care that others can be trained to understand and do
• elements and limitations of the role
• moving forward: learning from the test sites

Mandie comments:

"Why do we need this role?  We can no longer go on like this.  Vacancy rates, this isn’t getting better
1 out of 3 practicing midwives are in their 50s
We have lots of Italian and Spanish nurses, they are starting to wonder what Brexit means for them   
RCN 2017 – 1:9 posts unfilled, equates to 40,000
World Healthcare Organisation predicts an increase in nursing shortage in the USA from 126,000 to 400,000 by 2020. They will come to English speaking countries like the UK to fill deficit
As long as there are codes and standards there is room for Nursing Associates
What’s wrong with a role that helps & frees up registered nurses
From my cohort of applicants it was quite humbling, people who really really want to do this.  Recruitment has been a success
Hopefully start to see more positive and proactive media"

Emma Westcott Assistant Director, Strategy & Insight NMC, continues the morning with a focus on 'Regulation of the Nursing Associate Role' looking at:

• regulation of the Nursing Associate Role
• will Nursing Associates need to revalidate?
• accountability for the role
• how will the role be regulated in practice 

Emma comments:

"Path to regulation, legislation change will take 18 months to 2 years
There will be a separate part of register for Nursing Associates, they will need to be on that register
We at NMC will be working hard with HEE & pilot sites for a smooth transition
Colleagues in universities will want to shape programmes for nursing associates
Nursing Associates will need to qualify & satisfy other registration requirements (good character, indemnity)
Likely that Nursing Associates will be subject to revalidation
Timeline & Government preference, January 2019 the first cohort of Nursing Associate trainees will qualify & apply for registration
1st cohort are really resilient, they want more
Nursing Associates are financially attractive to budget holders and finance departments"


Bridget Hoad East Midlands Regional Project Manager, opens the afternoons session with a presentation on 'Implementing the Nursing Associate role in practice' and discusses:

• how the role is developing at East Midlands: making the role a reality
• the support needed for the role and what we have learnt so far as a test site
• what elements of care are Nursing Associates undertaking as trainees and moving forward?
• the role to date in enhancing care, supporting registered nurses and undertaking elements of care 

Bridget comments:

"As an East Midlands group we have power in numbers, much more varied placements as a collaborative
We pool our resources and expertise
We intend as a collaborative to set up a Clinical Educator forum
-The East Midlands Collaborative is the largest test site of Nursing Associates in England
Days like today show that we are all doing roughly the same thing
Need a champion in each organization to push this role forward
Preparation is key, if I was to do it again I would plan now for 6 months down the line
Important to remember that this is a test site, it’s a learning curve
I’ve found that our Nursing Associate cohorthas fantastic people to have in the classroom, so energetic"


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9 June 2017


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