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News and updates from today's Falls conference

Chair Prof Cameron Swift Emeritus Professor and Consultant Physician King’s College London opens the day with a focus on implementing the Quality Standard for Falls in older people a year on: Assessment after a fall and preventing further falls, discussing:

  • the quality standard for falls assessment and secondary prevention in older people: where are we now
  • implementation challenges and successes
  • meeting the six Quality Statements in practice 

Prof Cameron Swift's Full Presentation Click Here

In his presentation Professor Cameron Swift stated: 

"Primary falls in the community has been disturbing"
"Quality standards are not a text book for falls management- and meant to be an audit measure"

"Evidence is key!"

"Keys to an effective falls service include understanding the phenomenon, adhering to the evidence, coordinating across all boundariesand Measuring the outcome- cost effectiveness"

Professor Cameron Swift's Presentation Abstract:
National Guidance on falls prevention has been in place since 20041,2,3, in spite of which national audits continue to indicate unacceptable variation and deficiencies in the commissioning, organisation and delivery of care4,5.   A further update of QS863 is in progress for 2017. Provision of an effective falls service hinges on (1) A clear understanding of the significance of falls and falls risk as an age-associated syndrome; (2) Careful adherence to evidence in the interventions provided; (3) Crossing all necessary disciplinary and organisational boundaries in service configuration; and (4) Routine measurement and documentation of the results of the service.  The evidence for the contemporary importance and cost-effectiveness of progressive, well-run services is robust and compelling.  The challenges and opportunities for leadership are clear.

1. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2013 (June). Falls in older people: assessing risk and prevention. NICE Clinical Guideline 161. 2. Swift CG, Iliffe S, 2014 (Dec).  Assessment and prevention of falls in older people – concise guidance.  Clinical Medicine 2014 Vol 14, No 6: 658–62. 3. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2015 (March).  Falls in older people.  Quality Standard (QS) 86. 4. Royal College of Physicians. Falling standards, broken promises.  Report of the national audit of falls and bone health in older people.  London: RCP, 2010. 5. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2013.(March)

Michelle Nolan's Full Presentation Click Here 

In her presentation Michelle Nolan stated: 

"Start small to develop changes"

"Don’t loose momentum"

"How we did it? Falls collaborative - collaborative quality improvement"

"How well did we do? 19% reduction on all falls"

Afternoon Chair, Carrie Tyler Falls Practitioner Broomfield Hospital, Mid Essex Hospital Trust, presents an extended sesssion on 'Broomfield Dignified Throne Toolkit; preventing falls in hospital toilets and bathrooms', looking at:

  • collaboration of existing work streams, falls, infection control and dignity
  • promotion of patient safety and reduction of patient harm
  • achieving the 10 point dignity challenge
  • innovation and infection control to achieve patient hygiene and dignity
  • presentation of the Dignified Throne audit
  • how this was achieved and the practical application of the toolkit

Carrie Tyler's Full Presentation Click Here 

Also of interest:

Falls Prevention and Management in Older People
Monday 27 March 2017 
De Vere West One Conference Centre

6 December 2016


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