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NEWS: The Regulation of Medical Associate Professions in the UK

Department of Health Consult on regulation of Physicians Associates

The Department of Health have released a consultation document seeking views on the regulation of medical associate professions (MAPs) in the UK. The consultation highlights that 'Across the UK, an increasing need for medical treatment and advances in clinical care requires a coordinated approach and a greater skill mix within healthcare teams. This includes the enhancement of existing roles and the introduction of new roles. As a result, the NHS has seen the emergence and increased use of new professional roles within multi-disciplinary teams as part of a continuing drive to provide safe, accessible and high quality care for patients. Four of these roles can be grouped under the heading of ‘Medical Associate Professions’ (MAPs). Whilst there are significant differences in their clinical scope of practice, they share similarities in their career framework and education and training. The four roles are: 

  • Physician Associate (PA)
  • Physicians’ Assistant (Anaesthesia) (PA(A))
  • Surgical Care Practitioner (SCP)
  • Advanced Critical Care Practitioner (ACCP) 

All four UK health departments recognise the important contributions that can be made to the  delivery of healthcare through the enhancement of existing roles and the introduction of new  roles. As these professionals become more widely employed in the health service, it is  necessary to explore the options for professional regulation.'

Download the consultation document here

Conference of interest

Developing the Role of the Physician Associate
Monday 6 November 
De Vere West One Conference Centre

17 October 2017


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