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NHS England updated on improving mental health crisis care at todays conference

Geraldine StrathdeeGeraldine Strathdee

Geraldine opened her presentation by saying that the problem in mental health is communicating and then putting it into practice – this is emphasised at these conferences as it vital to learning and getting together.

Service users are under so much pressure and in a distressed state.  E mental health part of the future and Geraldine told everyone to look at this!

She said we have come along with in the last few years but causes need to be looked at to help avoid the crisis’s from happening.

Our agreed NHSE consensus approach is to :

1. Tackle causes & Prevent  actions: Identify the causes of MH crises & prevent
Work with public health, Health & Wellbeing B
oards, CCGs, transport systems, police, housing etc. to prevent

2. Single coordinated access number & system single access No. & all agency system ? 111:

3. Tele triage and tele health well triaind which reduced face to face need by 40%

4. Crisis Home treatment teams with fidelity reduce admissions and LOS by 50%

5. Liaison mental health teams in A/E & acute trusts reduce admissions to acute beds and care homes by 50%

6. 3rd sector Crisis houses & day care for PD as alternatives to beds

7. Adequate acute beds when needed 


Geraldine went onto say that teleheath is needed and can reduce the time of face to face contact by 40%.

70% of avoidable fires in the Midlands where linked with the causes due to mental health people. All areas are coming to help from schools and police etc to look at causes for mental health

Data. Mentioned mental health intelligence network- mental health have no data to help commission locally appropriate services

Geraldine concluded by saying that dementia, self harm, alcohol, psychosis relapse and PTAs are related common clinical problems  that occur in A&E. 

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Download: Geraldine Strathdee Presentation

17 October 2014


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