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News and updates from today's Always Events® UK Summit

Pat Rutherford, Vice President, IHIPat Rutherford, Vice President, IHI

Today's conference focuses on Always Events®. Always Events®, first introduced in the US by IHI and the Picker Institute, focus on ensuring events that matter to patients happen every time for every patient

Following the chairs introductions, Neil Churchill Director of Patient Experience & Paul Jebb Experience of Care Professional Lead NHS England open the conference with a joint update from the UK Pilot Sites, looking at: 

• developing NHS England Always Events® programme
• work done within Trusts pioneering the Always event® programme
• lessons learnt from developing the programme
• update on toolkit development

Neil discussed the challenge of variation in care and how we become consistently good.  He said we investigate complaints but we do less with compliments.

Neil said Always Events are; "those aspects of the patient and family experience that should always occur".  He said the late Dr Kate Granger's 'Hello my name is...' campaign of introducing ourselves can probably be considered as the first Always Event, something that should happen everytime.  Always Events takes her theory forward of inpsiring people rather than mandating.  Neil went on to disucss how with Always Events we need to establish what matters to patients and family through feedback and using the information to implement changes through effective leadership tapping into intrinsic movtivational factors.  The methodolody approach to how to keep change going should mean it's more likely Always Events will stick.

Click here to see Neil and Paul's full presentation

Pat Rutherford Vice President The Institute for Healthcare Improvement - Boston, continues the morning with a focus on 'Always Events®: Learning from what matters to patients & carers', covering:

• learning what matters to patients & carers
• co-creating customized plans to meet their expressed needs, values, and preferences

Click here to see Pat's full presentation

Concluding the day with an extended session is Jenny King Associate Director: Research Picker Institute Europe, who talks us through 'Using patient and staff feedback as a catalyst for change: The Always Events® Recognition Programme', looking at:

• using patient and staff feedback as a catalyst for change
• Learning from the Always Events® evaluation; what supports the successful implementation of Always Events®
• the Always Events® recognition programme

Jenny spoke about evaluation of the Always Events programme, the impact it has had, and measurement support the Picker Institute offers the pilot sites.  She said their findings demonstrate that service user involvement is key, and that there are challenges in implementing so to start small.  Jenny said in addition to the toolkit that is due to be launched there will be a Always Events recognition programme; those that meet the criteria will be able to use the Always Events brand to promote their work to others, she said; "it's all abotu sharing good practice". Further details about the Always Event recognition programme available here.

Click here to see Jenny's full presentation

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