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NICE update on the New Quality Standard for Intravenous Fluid Therapy

Tom Mcloughlin-Yip from NICE spoke at today’s Advancing IV Therapy conference on

  • the New Quality Standard
  • what this means Quality and Safety
  • ensuring all patients on IV therapy have a IV fluid management plan

Tom Mcloughlin-Yip full presentation is available for download at the end of this page

In his presentation Tom Mcloughlin-Yip Stated: 

"My involvement with the NHS in most recent years have been through NICE and the guideline involvement group."

"Going onto that guideline group I met people made up of 15 professionals and two patients. The other patient had had recent surgery so she had experience through a surgery ward. My experience is through a respiratory ward."

"Going into that group it was quite heartening to see all those specialists with the same ambition - putting patients at the centre. It's about finding a balance and getting the best outcomes."

"So, when I was on the ward, I'm sitting there in my bed having my antibiotics and someone ran through the door and said 'right tom, let's get you on fluids'. I said why, and they said because the doctor had prescribed it but I had seen the doctor that morning and they hadn't informed me. So you start to worry about whether they have got the right patient. They did have the right patient, they just hadn't bothered to inform me."

"The patient just wants to get in, have their treatment and anything else is secondary. But that is changing."

"In recent years monitoring has improved, it is more noticeable, but historically monitoring was pretty poor."

"There's a safety issue, maybe I have been put at risk in the past but I don't know. I have had reactions, I have been on a variety of antibiotics when I had fluids attached. I'm reliant on the nurse or doctor advising me at that time to tell me what I need to be looking for because all I'm looking for is a drug reaction."

"It was most disappointing to have to be on fluid whether it's running it through for fifteen minutes or days on end. It's fine when it is explained, I can deal with that, but when they introduce another fluid on top and the time on that drug can be days, that lack of communication comes in again. I know it's not just me, that other patients have that same experience."

"So, on the guideline group we talked about the need for training. Because I don't think that knowledge is there, at least patients aren't receiving the knowledge they need, carers aren't receiving it. The information is not coming through to the patient in a bed in an isolated room. So this is where training needs to be improved, delivering that knowledge through communication. There's nothing worse than having a question unanswered."

"When things go wrong we need that openness and honesty to say, 'ok, you've had a reaction, here's how we're going to take things forward'."

"We have a lot of sheep that we need to herd in and get back into the fields."

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Download: Tom Mcloughlin-Yip full presentation

2 July 2015


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