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Nurse Appraisal and Revalidation

Jon Billings speaking this morningJon Billings speaking this morning

Nursing appraisal and revalidation update from the Nursing Midwifery Council 

Jon Billings
 Director of Strategy Nursing and Midwifery Council spoke on:
•    Developments from the revalidation pilot sites 
•    taking forward the recommendations for a system of revalidation and learning from the responses to the consultation
•    how Nursing revalidation will differ from the Medical Model
•    planning for the changes at a local level 
•    how will an organisation ensure that the nurse or midwife who is revalidating is complying with the revised code? Effective from 31st March 2015 and available here
•    what will be included in nursing appraisal? Moving forward with the pilot sites 
•    how will the quality of appraisal and revalidation recommendations be assured and inspected?
Jon Billings full presentation

In his presentation Jon made the following points:

680,00 nurses and midwives registered with the NMC- this is a huge potential- the code builds on what is already there

4 themes

  • People
  • Effectively
  • Safely
  • Professionalism and trust

Making the code easy to remember-

Connection between organisations and individuals need an alignment between these

Regulation in action- highlight for employers for hiring professionals

Why did we revise the code? Responsibility for a code of professionalism in practice

New in the code:

  • Duty of candour
  • Social media-changing communications and acting responsible
  • Fundamentals of care-set standards

4 headings are becoming broadly understood

Principles around revalidation- what they can do to make sure everyone is fit for practice- whether you qualified 20 years ago- nurses and midwives are ahead of the curve compared to doctors

Jon said; "Its not about hunting down bad practice its about promoting good practice”

Piloting revalidation in 19 organisations across the UK

People will have 6 months to prepare that are due for revalidation when this code becomes live

A positive attitude for the code is will help everyone who is involved

Supporting nurses and the nursing profession to deliver effective Nursing Revalidation 

Howard Catton
Head of Policy Royal College of Nursing spoke on:
•    the current state of nursing appraisal 
•    the link between appraisal, professional development and supervision
•    moving forward: changing attitudes, culture, values and behaviour 
Howard Catton full presentation 

Howard made the following points:

Sir Robert Francis 2013 recommended nmc system of revalidation

“Proportionate and affordable are they key issues to keep eye on when going through the piloting”

83% get an appraisal which is good news on all NHS staff

“We need a model of revalidation for everyone doesn’t matter which area you are in”

Staff valuing in practice through speaking up

Preparation for revalidation is needed!

Appraisal and Revalidation: An Update from NHS England

Maureen Kirwan
Head of Nursing & Midwifery Revalidation NHS England spoke on:
•    NHS England’s role in developing nursing appraisal and revalidation
•    national update
•    moving forward: critical success factors
Maureen Kirwan full presentation 

Maureen made the following points:

“How are we going to reflect on today and put forward the learning outcomes for our portfolio?”

Preparation for revalidation- a checklist will be provided to help organisations to do the next thing and will ask; “How ready do you feel?” So they can provide feedback

ORSA key lines of enquiry- hardest one….  information on registration renewal

Top tips for individuals- “Think about today (I.E CONFERENCE)…..where would I go from today?” Reflection Is essential

Maureen said; “We need to celebrate success” “this is our opportunity” “take pride in what we do”

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26 March 2015


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