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News and updates from today's Ambulance Response conference

Heather Lawrence OBE speaks at today's conferenceHeather Lawrence OBE speaks at today's conference

Following the chairs opening remarks, Heather Lawrence OBE Chair London Ambulance Service NHS Trust, delivers an extended session on 'Creating an ambulance service fit for the future' covering:

• how do we ensure patients get the right resource in terms of vehicles and skills
• increasing time for triage to ensure we send the right resource
• reducing multiple vehicle allocations: decreasing the number of vehicles allocated to incidents leaving resources free for other calls and reducing the number of vehicles that are stood down
• increasing ‘hear and treat’ and ‘see and treat’ 

Heather comments: "London has changed, patients want faster and easier access. 9% of what we do is high emergency.
The leadership has to be empowering
London has the highest job cycle time compared to international peers.  We need to reduce. The demand is up.
Support team - You need it all to make it work.  Its about the whole team.
The future workforce - We need to work more with HEE.  At LAS we have: Double crewed Ambulance: 286 deployed at peak / Fast response unit - 112 deploted at peak.

Craig - General manager for operations joins Heather.  He comments: "In Londonw e take around 5000 calls a day. There's a round 200 a day that require an 8 minute response. We've changed the order of questioning from location first to 'are they breathing'.  We've been able to improve patient outcome."

Graham Harris National Education Lead College of Paramedics, opens the final sessions with a presentation on 'Paramedic training and developing paramedic roles', covering:

• working in new ways: implications for paramedics
• developing the paramedic of the future
• developing paramedic roles and paramedic training: what needs to change

Graham comments: "We need the career framework to be implemented into all NHS ambulance services.  We to to contract the GP practice care. Pre-reg programmes need to have parity ith other AHP and non-medical professions.  


22 May 2017


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