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Delivering a Paperless NHS: Intelligent Electronic Document Management in Healthcare – Speaker Presentations

Sean Brennan speaks at today's EDM conferenceSean Brennan speaks at today's EDM conference

Following NHS England’s commitment to a paperless NHS, this one day conference focused on a practical guide to delivering intelligent electronic document management in organisations. The delivery of clinical care is no longer from a single place with a single record location but from multiple sites (including the patients own home) and the electronic record needs to be available in these multiple sites to improve patient care and aid clinical decision making in real time.

The conference outlined a number of different strategies for the implementation of EDM and discusses key issues including the legal framework and information governance and complemented by practical case studies from NHS Trusts that have implemented Electronic Document Management in practice.

The Conference also featured a supplier showcase which included presentations from the key electronic document management systems suppliers.

Sean Brennan Independent Consultant in Healthcare Informatics Clinical Matrix opened the day with a presentation on How does EDM fit in with the wider EPR and discussed:

"- How do we change processes to cope with no paper

- Needs to be a shake of the tree to find out which systems we need to get rid of

- If we are going paper light how does that fit within the wider EPR

- The challenge, where is the record now?

- You need a strategy, wont be the same for everyone

- We must accommodate documents in an EPR, not just data

- Need an agreed structure for EPR"

Following the tea break Chris Fokke, Chief Clinical Information Officer and Philippa Aslet Associate Director of Nursing Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust delivered an extended session on Realising the Clinical Benefits and engaging: Clinical Staff Intelligent Integrated Electronic Document Management.

Norma Shippin Director of Central Legal Office & Legal Advisor NHS Scotland also delivered an extended session on Electronic Document Management and discussed

"- Things have changed enormously with access to records

- Keeping records for longer than necessary, need to really look at this now we are moving towards digital

- Medical records are evidence

- As a lawyer I have been very nervous about the destruction of original documents

- That are your policies underpinning your system

- Remember what your standards are for your electronic system

- Development of the initial protocols is very important

- Make sure staff are confident at using your system"

Norma Shippin Director of Central Legal Office & Legal Advisor NHS Scotland Full Presentation Click Here

The conference continued with presentation from Will Smart Director of IM&T Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust on Delivering transformation to EDM safely: security and risk management issues.

14 March 2016


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