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Opening presentation at Dementia Conference from Prof Alistair Burns NHS England

Prof Alistair BurnsProf Alistair Burns

Prof Burns opened the conference today reminding people about the Dementia “I” statements

I was diagnosed in a timely way
I know what I can do to help myself and who else can help me
Those around me are well supported and are in good Health
I get the treatment and support, which are best for my dementia, and my life
I feel included as part of society
I understand so I make good decisions and provide for future decision making
I am treated with dignity and respect
I am confident my end of life wishes will be respected. I can expect a good death
I know how to participate in research

Prof Burns said Dementia has and will continue to have a lot of political interest.

Alistair went on to discuss the key steps in the dementia pathway

Early Intervention
Managing Symptoms
Effective Support for Carers
Treatment for Medical Conditions
At and towards the End of Life

Which conveniently spells dementia

Prof Burns recommended the “dementia revealed for primary care” document and also recommended delegates look at for information on end of life care

During questions Prof Burns emphasised the importance of kindness and courtesy in interactions and there was discussion around whether the focus on early intervention and diagnosis, and end of life care has left a void in the middle of people living with dementia. Prof Burns stated that we must remember that post diagnostic support should be ongoing and not just at the start, and the importance of a dementia advisor for life. There was also discussion around a potential backlash to dementia services due to the high level of funding and political interest around dementia.

Prof Burns stated “By getting dementia right we can get it right for everyone else”.

Powerpoint slides will be available at the bottom of this page shortly

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6 October 2014


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