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Pete Morgan speaks at conference on safeguarding adults boards: implications of the Care Act 2014

Pete MorganPete Morgan

Pete begins the presentation by discussing the Safeguarding Adults under the Care Act:
- The statutory role of Safeguarding Adults Boards (SABs)
- Who are the SAB?
- What can and can’t SABs do?
- Who are they accountable to?
- What powers do they have?
- Is the Care Act a missed opportunity?
- The implications for healthcare agencies

The presentation went on to focus on the Safeguarding Vision, the following key point was highlighted:
To promote and protect individual human rights, independence and well-being and secure assurance that adults at risk stay safe, are effectively safeguarded against abuse, neglect, discrimination, embarrassment or poor treatment, are treated with dignity and respect and enjoy a high quality of life”

Pete advises on what is ‘Safeguarding Adults?’ 
"I’m not sure, but …..
whatever it is, it has to fulfil the Safeguarding Vision and assist or enable the individual to move along the continuum from Protection towards Citizenship and
I would suggest that the term itself may cause confusion as it can conflate quality assurance with protection from abuse and neglect." Furthermore, whatever it is and whatever we call it:

- it must be timely
- It must be proportionate
- It must be outcome focused 
- Practice not procedure based
And remember LJ Munby – what is the point of making someone safe if you make them miserable?

Pete then advised on what does the Care Act say? Local authority must make or cause to be made whatever enquiries it thinks necessary where an adult in its area:

has need for care and support,
is experiencing, or is at risk of abuse or neglect
and as a result of those needs  is unable to protect himself or herself against the abuse or neglect or risk of it
to enable it to decide whether any action should be taken and, if so, what and by whom.

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Download: Pete Morgan's Presentation

23 September 2014


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