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Practical experiences of forward thinking in restraint as a consultant

Dr Arokia Antonysamy Consultant Psychiatrist at Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust takes part in a panel session on the National Objective to end on Prone/face down Restraint in the NHS a year on and implementing the 2015 NICE Guidance in Practice at today's Prone/Face Down Restraint conference.

Dr Arokia Antonysamy’s presentation discusses the practical experiences of forward thinking in restraint as a consultant. 

Dr Arokia Antonysamy's full presentation is available for download at the end of this page.

Dr Arokia Antonysamy's presentation covered 

How restraint has reduced by more than 50%.  Treat patients with respect and dignity, hope and optimism.  Reduce stigma of PICU.  Take accountability for actions – review film of incidents from CCTV as in hindsight/calm you learn so much about any problems with techniques being used.  Must have excellent standards.

Average length of stay, seclusions, staff sickness – all reduced by introducing better practice on the ward.

Process more important in some ways than outcomes – patient and carer involvement, staff empowerment, positive risk taking (this is unusual in NHS), support people to better manage their own care.

MaZon recovery tool – categorizes patients into red/amber/green, this is a tool developed by Dr Samy with the patients to help with recovery.  Radical thinking – leave activites for patients, e.g. gardening, cookery, golf, zoo trip.  Feedback from patients was amazing, positive.  Boredom (and smoking ban!) is commonest cause of aggression – kill the boredom, no aggression!  Interaction with animals also had fascinating positive effects.

Building a ‘Tree of Hope’ where every time a service user leaves the ward they leave a message of hope for new users coming in, on a ‘leaf’ on the tree, which is a big wall display in the ward.

Published findings in BMJ Quality Improvement report 13th May 2013.

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Download: an-end-to-restraint-dr-samy_1174.pdf

22 September 2015


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