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Preparing for patient accessible EPR systems: Are you ready?

Dr Martin Baggaley Medical Director & Lead for Clinical Governance South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust spoke at today’s Patient Accessible Electronic Patient Records on:

• developing a system to put patients at the centre of care and be actively involved in decisions about treatment
• why we developed the world’s first patient-held electronic health record in mental health
• a demonstration and service user perspectives

In his presentation Dr Baggaley said; "We have a great system now for patient accessible EPR – the challenge has been getting patients and service users to use it.  We have lots of patients signed up but the challenge is engagement and making the patient EPR part of the care pathway, engaging with staff to demonstrate the benefits with service users.  It has really been very hard to encourage patients to continue to use the system on a regular basis." 

Service user feedback, barriers and challenges were:

“My IT skills are  lacking, and I don’t have  any access to the internet.”

“The Support to engage with myhealthlocker and improve my IT skills has given me the confidence to get started on a BTEC in office administration”

CAMHS – “It would be great if there were some games or videos to get people interested.”

“The support of the team and the technology  they have provided me has allowed me to actively look for work and connect with others online…”

“ health journal gave me perspective at a time when I was catastrophising my experiences…it pulled me back from a downward spiral”

Dr Baggaley finished by outlining the benefits of implementing Patient Generated Health Records in his organisation as:

•Increase the provision of health and wellbeing information and resources to service users
•Increase service user access to care and treatment plans
•Direct interface into PJS, allowing for further clinical information to be shared over time
•Capture of patient-reported quality of life measures leading to improved clinical input
•Increased research data available to SLaM’s research system (CRIS)
•Facilitate service users to become active participants in their care and own their health information, through tools and techniques to support recovery

Dr Baggaley’s full presentation is available for download at the end of this page.

Dr Baggaley qualified from St Bartholomew’s Hospital in 1984. He served in the British Army from 1985 until 1997.  He trained as a psychiatrist in the Army and at Guy’s Hospital London.  He has been a full-time psychiatrist from 1986 and has been a consultant from 1993. He worked as Senior lecturer in Military Psychiatry for 4 years and for two years was Head of Division at the Defence Services Psychiatric Centre, Catterick. He left the British Army in 1997 and was appointed to the post of consultant psychiatrist for the South London & Maudsley NHS Trust and senior lecturer in psychiatry for the Guy’s, King’s College and St Thomas’s Hospitals’ Medical and Dental School. He was Clinical Director of Adult Mental Health in Lewisham for 5 years. He worked for 2 years for the National Programme for Information Technology as Clinical Lead for London.  

He is secondary care lead for the London Health Programmes Mental Health Case for Change. He set up a novel model of care (the Triage Model) in Lewisham in 2003 and currently spends a day a week working on the newly opened Lambeth Triage Ward.

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Download: Dr Martin Baggaley full presentation

29 April 2015


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