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Preventing psychosis and targeting people at risk by Professor Paul French

Paul FrenchPaul French

Paul opened his presentation by saying that psychosis not an overnight thing, it emerges over many months and there is strategy for early intervention - the data implies 80% development age range 14-35.

Paul said that if you meet the CAARMS criteria then you are high risk

Identification of young people in the early stages of psychosis: Validation of a checklist for use in primary care.
Preliminary analysis found that the simple checklist as originally conceived had excellent sensitivity (96%) but poor specificity (10%).
The first retained the use of all 20 checklist items and achieved sensitivity of 89% and specificity of 60%. 
The second retained 6 checklist items and achieved sensitivity of 88% and specificity of 47%. 

Studies seem to show that we can't prevent the transition but we can delay it. This is a good thing, allow people to develop their personality and build relationships and there does seem to be a consistency from studies.

Paul concluded his presentation by saying that it is feasible to identify people at high risk of psychosis.

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10 November 2014


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