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RCN update: setting the standard for specialist practice and advanced roles

Howard Catton Director of Policy at The Royal College of Nursing spoke at today’s Nurse Revalidation Specialist Practice and Advanced Roles on:

  • where is the standard for specialist practice and advanced roles
  • an update on the pilots from an RCN perspective
  • is revalidation an opportunity to set the standard for advanced practice?
  • how to prepare for revalidation moving forward

In his presentation he covered:

The purpose of revalidation

  • For the public: to protect patient safety
  • For individual registrants: to support nurses in taking responsibility for their continued professional development and fitness to practise in the modern healthcare environment
  • For the nursing profession: to promote a wider culture in which nurses value working in an environment in which ‘keeping up to date’ and the challenging of poor practice is the norm

Revalidation: an opportunity to set the standard for advanced practice

  • NMC register does not currently record nurses working to advanced level.
  • RCN believes as the nursing profession develops and nurses increasingly take on roles delivering complex care, the regulatory model must develop in response.
  • Regulation and standardisation at advanced levels of nursing practice could improve patient safety and public protection.
  • Also important for nurses’ career pathways and professional development.
  • Advanced nursing practice should be revalidated to enable patients and service users to verify that the nurse caring for them is competent to practise at an advanced level.

RCN Competences & Accreditation

  • RCN defines advanced nursing practice as a level of practice rather than role/title. It builds on and adds to the competences which are common to all registered nurses
  • RCN competences for advanced nurse practitioners:
    • Developed with HEIs, professional orgs and service providers
    • Mapped against Knowledge and Skills Framework and linked to NHS Career Framework
    • Endorsed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • RCN competences can contribute to improving employer-led governance - key component of the wider framework for monitoring ANPs and improving patient safety
  • Focus on:
    • providing safe, effective person-centred care directly to patients/clients at an advanced level
    • developing the care context (systems of care) to enable safe, effective person-centred care to be sustained by others
    • providing terminology which is understood across all the health professions
  • RCN also accredits Advance Nurse Practice programmes in HEIs                                                           against 15 standards and associated criteria

Preparing for revalidation

  • Find out when you will need to revalidate and what you need to do – Register with NMC online and find out when you are due to revalidate and familiarise yourself with the requirements and process
  • Start thinking about revalidation now – how do you stay up to date? Are you meeting with colleagues to discuss practise and development? Are you getting enough of the right CPD? Who might act as your ‘confirmer’?
  • Speak to colleagues – identify gaps in your development, areas for improvement and discuss development issues with managers and staff
  • Get organised – ensure that you have a clear record of courses, learning and development; keep a note of feedback and how it has informed your practise; as well as your reflections on the Code, practise and learning
  • Get to know the new Code – familiarise yourself with the new NMC Code and practice using it to reflect on your development, learning and work

Howard Catton’s full presentation is available for download at the end of this page.

Howard Catton’s Biography:

Howard qualified as a registered nurse in 1988 and held a variety of nursing posts in England and the United States.  He studied social policy in Cardiff (BSc Econ) and Industrial Relations at Warwick (MA) and has worked as a Personnel and Organisational Change Manager in the NHS.

Howard has held a variety of posts at the RCN, including Regional Officer and as a national policy adviser for workforce research and health policy.  He has worked for the New Zealand Nursing Organisation and the International Council of Nurses in Geneva.

Howard also served as a local Government Councillor for 7 years, for five of which he was Cabinet member with lead responsibility for corporate and customer services.

In 2005, he was appointed Head of Policy at the RCN and Head of Policy & International in 2010.  His department work with a wide range of stakeholders, including government and think tanks, on the development and implementation of policy at home and overseas to ensure nursing influence and voice.  The department also leads on supporting the RCN’s sister nursing associations and alliances internationally. 

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Download: howard-catton-nursing-revalidation-for-specialist-practice-advanced-roles-howard-catt_1052....pdf

9 June 2015


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