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Revalidation, Appraisal and Job Planning: Update for Clinical Directors from the Royal College of Physicians

Dr Ian Starke Medical Director for Revalidation Royal College of Physicians London gave a national update on revalidation, appraisal and job planning at today’s Effective Clinical Director conference, including:

•    quality assurance of appraisal and improving appraisal systems
•    support from the royal colleges for appraisers and ROs
•    identifying opportunities for service improvement through appraisal
•    linking with job planning

Abstract of Dr Starke’s talk

Revalidation, Appraisal and Job-planning

The purposes of medical appraisal in the context of revalidation are now generally well known, but there are differences in the degree to which doctors, appraisers and responsible officers consider that these purposes have been met.

Since the period immediately before the start of revalidation in December 2012 there have been improvements of many aspects of the medical appraisal process towards meeting the quality criteria originally set out. These criteria are now evaluated through the Annual Organisational Audit, by means of which Designated Bodies may compare their performance with the national average.

The medical Royal Colleges have put in place a range of support mechanisms for individual doctors, their appraisers and their ROs. These have not been needed as much as was originally feared, and this is a tribute to the groundwork that was done before medical revalidation was launched. However, there are still several areas that require further work.

These include the support available to doctors ‘in difficulty’ (Responding to Concerns), particularly where the concerns are relatively low-level and the way in which feedback from patients is obtained and used.. In addition the appraisal process itself, which is the cornerstone of medical revalidation, is in danger of becoming a ‘tick-box’ exercise, and further work is needed to convince doctors of the potential benefits of appraisal when properly carried out.

Dr Starke’s full presentation is available for download at the end of this page.

Dr Ian Starke qualified from Guy’s Hospital in London in 1972 and undertook postgraduate training in General Medicine, Chest Medicine and Medicine for the Elderly. He was appointed Consultant Physician in Geriatric and General Medicine to University Hospital Lewisham in 1988 where he has been a clinical director, and has led the development of stroke services., 

Dr Starke was appointed Director of CPD to the Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians in 2004 and Medical Director for Revalidation to the Royal College of Physicians of London in August 2007. He has led two key pilot studies into Strengthened Appraisal, the development of the Physician specialty framework for revalidation and the development of a common core framework across all Colleges and Faculties, He is now involved in developing support for doctors in difficulty, and in enhancing the quality of appraisal.

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Download: ian-starke_886.pdf

14 January 2015


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