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Safeguarding in Mental Health: Implications of the revised Care Act 2014

Claire Crawley Senior Policy Manager - Adult Safeguarding Department of Health at today’s Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults in Mental Health conference on:

• not business as usual-adult safeguarding post April 2014
• safeguarding-a range of responses
• making safeguarding personal
• implementing the Care Act 2014: Must Do’s by April 2015
• tools and products to help

In her presentation Claire discussed the 6 principles of adult safeguarding and key areas of the Care Act 2014 in relation to adult safeguarding. Claire discussed:

  • Local Authority Enquiries
  • Safeguarding Adult Boards 
  • Safeguarding Adult Reviews
  • Supply of information 
  • Further revisions including: 
    • Self-neglect
    • Strategic SABs v operational LA duties
    • What safeguarding is not
    • Protection of property 
    • Advocacy

In her presentation Claire states: 

"We are returning to a more person centred focus"

"We spend an awful lot of time concentrating on is this safeguarding or is this not – there are a lot of examples – every agency has a different view on this. I look at safeguarding under the care act."

"My big concern about safeguarding boards is not how they are structured, but are they active in making a difference are they a strategic and leading function."

"If you have a clear issue make sure you work on that and have the right people working with you to make it a learning outcome."

"The withholding of information is generally going to have a worse outcome then sharing information."

"Case studies on safeguarding can be found on hidden in plain sight – these case studies show that sharing information can give a different outcome."

"My belief with the guidance is we have tried to concentrate on prevention, partnerships, carers, designated adult safeguarding managers and decision trees"

"Further revisions

  • Self-neglect
  • Strategic SABs V operational LA Duties
  • What Safeguarding is not
  • Protection of property
  • Advocacy"

Claire’s full presentation is available for download at the end of this page.

Claire is a social worker / social work manager by background. She began working in social care in 1973. She has worked across all groups and settings. Her last operational job was as a senior manager in Birmingham SSD. She then spent 2 years (1992-94) as Deputy Director of the Social Services Management Unit at the University of Birmingham. In 1994 she joined the Social Services Inspectorate in London as an inspector. The SSI was at that time a part of the Department of Health. After 5 years she moved to a policy team in the Department of Health as a professional advisor. Since 2003 she has been a mainstream civil servant. She has had a number of lead policy roles that have covered areas such as carers’ policy, assessment, care management, commissioning, direct payments, and pandemic influenza planning and law reform. She currently leads a small team working on adult safeguarding policy and the Mental Capacity Act and the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. Claire managed the safeguarding elements of the Care Act through consultation and the parliamentary process. Her team were responsible for producing the statutory guidance on adult safeguarding and are currently working with stakeholders on additional practice guidance.

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Download: Claire Crawley Full Presentation

23 February 2015


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